How to grow parsley

How to grow parsley

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How to grow parsley: useful tips for growing parsley in pots or in the vegetable garden. Grow parsley with basil, chives and other aromatic plants.

Theparsleyit is a very resistant plant, easy to grow and very useful in the kitchen. It can enrich fish and meat roasts, steam or bain-marie cooking, grilled vegetables and garnish a large number of dishes, primarily velvety and puree. As it is an extremely useful plant, why not try your hand at growing it? Parsley can be grown in pots or in the garden, the rules to be respected are few and we will see them in the following article.

The sowing of parsley

How to sow parsley?Simple, you can broadcast sow directly in the planter or in the garden area to be cultivated. After germination, you can thin out the crop by eliminating the weaker and poorly developed seedlings. Parsley seeds take a long time to germinate, however sowing remains the best method for growing parsley. By sowing you can get countless parsley seedlings by investing just a couple of euros.

Once broadcast, you can use a small rake to cover the seeds with earth. The seeds should be covered with a thin layer of soil, a few millimeters are enough ... but if you live in a ventilated area, better cover them with an inch of very soft soil. Broadcast sowing directly in the vegetable garden can use their land only if it is well worked and free of clods, otherwise it would risk hindering and further slowing down the germination of plants.

After sowing it will be necessary to sprinkle and keep the seedbed moist. A good way to ensure constant and regular humidity in your seedbed is to spread a jute cloth and then water the seeds through the fabric. For more details on thesowing parsleywe invite you to read our guidehow to sow parsley.

Parsley, when sowing

When to sow parsley? In places where the winter climate is not too harsh, it is always the right time to sow parsley, also because the temperatures do not allow sowing in the open field, it will be enough to sow indoors and transplant the seedlings developed in the open field. In the south it can be sown in the open field between the end of February and the beginning of March. In the north you will have to wait for the arrival of spring.

Collection period
It is sown once and harvested from the end of spring until late autumn. Once cut, the parsley plants grow back and give you new fresh leaves ready to season your pasta.

How to grow parsley in the vegetable garden

During the development of the seedlings and even when they are adult and ready for harvest, it will be necessary to guarantee theparsleyabundant water. The soil must always be kept moist but the water must never stagnate.

It is not necessary to fertilize the soil but it will be advisable to carry out a weekly control of weeds. Those who cultivate in the open field or in the vegetable garden will have to carry out manual weeding work, uprooting all the weeds by hand.

If your intention is to start one cultivation of parsleyvery wide, it will not be convenient to sow broadcasts but to organize the crops in rows so as to be able to carry out the weeding with hoeing.

Grow parsley in pots

Use potting soil or universal potting soil. Place a thin layer of expanded clay or gravel balls on the bottom of the pot to ensure excellent drainage. Press the soil well when filling your pots. For all information on the cultivation of parsley in pots, we refer you to the in-depth page "Parsley in pots" so as to know in detail the diameter of the pots to be used, the sowing and harvesting period.

Grow parsley, basil and other herbs

If you have little space available, you can organize a planter to dedicate tocultivationofparsleyisbasil. These two plants can coexist and share the same soil without tripping over problems.

Parsley can be grown alongside similarly demanding, fast-growing plants. In particular, it is possible to grow basil, parsley, chervil and chives in the same pot. However, not all herbs can share the same pot: parsley cannot be combined with slow- or medium-growing herbs. Other aromatic plants such as oregano, rosemary and thyme should be grown in a separate planter.

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