Arabian greyhound, also called Sloughi

Arabian greyhound, also called Sloughi

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Arabian greyhound, also called Sloughi, is a fast and agile dog, not very common in Italy and in general outside its country of origin, but a lot loved in Morocco. In fact, this breed was born there, to be discovered but not to be chased, it is impossible to keep up with it.

Arabian greyhound dog

The Arabian greyhound it is a large dog, with a rather evident bone structure, as often happens in greyhounds, covered with muscles from tail to muzzle. He has a decidedly lean physique, unlike the "GreyhoundBut he has a more massive head. The morphological category of this greyhound of Morocco is the Graioid.

Sloughi Arabian greyhound

Sloughi is the real, original, Moroccan name of Arabian greyhound. In fact, we are now getting to know a breed that has actually been present for millennia in North Africa and the most accredited hypotheses on its origin are those that make it come from the East.

Together with the Saluki, our Sloughi is one of the few dogs loved by the Arabs who especially admire the speed of movements and the rapidity of reflexes. It is no coincidence that there is a legend of Arab tradition which narrates that when a Arabian greyhound he spots a gazelle that is cutting a blade of grass, he is able to reach it before it has finished chewing it.

Arabian greyhound: character

Being a fast and agile dog, it goes without saying that it hasneed to move a lot and outdoors. Although not having an impetuous character, therefore, he is not a classic apartment dog unless we promise him and ourselves many walks in the parks. trips in the green and daily "jogging".

There is no doubt that it is a extremely intelligent dog, his gaze is only the first sign. He is reserved with strangers, he wants to study and understand who he is dealing with, then he does Sloughi he melts and becomes loving just as he is with his family, including children even though he doesn't love them very much.

He is not an aggressive dog but certainly the Arabian greyhound he is reserved and not thrilled to have to live with "brats who make a noise" and see him as a stuffed animal. In the family, at home, it is a manageable dog, however, being very polite and not very noisy: it almost never barks.

Arabian greyhound breeders

Much bred in Morocco, Italy and Europe in general it is not very widespread, the Enci site does not report any breeding dedicated to Arabian greyhound, however, there are two amateur farms that you can turn to to see if they have any specimens.

One is in the province of Varese, Vedano Olona - Arabian Beauty - and the other in Barga (Lu): Intissar’s International Kennel. It may be that breeders of other types of greyhounds occasionally also have specimens or litters of this breed for those desperately looking for them and unwilling. contact a farm in Morocco.

Arabian greyhound puppies

Long-limbed and muscular since he was a puppy, a Arabian greyhound it reaches even 70 cm at the withers. It has a very agile build, it is not thin but neither sturdy nor stocky and it is basically just skin and muscles. Proportionate and toned, he has very dry limbs and runs incredibly fast at a gallop, retaining aexcellent thrust.

The tail is a lot slim, aerodynamic, therefore without fringes or long hairs while the head is rather important even if it cannot be defined as massive. It has a flat and rounded shape, with a hinted stop and an elongated but not pointed muzzle that ends with a dark and small nose.

The ears are hanging but very close to the skull, the eyes stand out large and are usually dark but in the specimens with the light coat they can also be topaz color burned in subjects with a light coat. Just the hair, satin and fine, can take on different shades, all allowed by the standard: sand, light sand, reddish sand, anthracite sand, brindle. There may be the mask, or the saddle, in black, as well as not being there.

Arabian greyhound: price

It is not easy to estimate the price of a dog so little spread in our area, in Italy there seem to be less than a dozen specimens registered by Enci. Having said that, for precise information, if you have the serious intention of buying a puppy, you should contact the kennels and ask, especially regarding availability.

If instead you want to get an idea, here is the Arabian greyhound he is not a cheap dog, not for millionaires, but his physical prowess and rarity certainly come with a price. THE more recurring defects they are the fearful character, wavy hair, insufficient musculature, clear eyes, poorly worn ears or coat colors not allowed by the standard.

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