Egyptian Mau Cat: characteristics, breeding and price

Egyptian Mau Cat: characteristics, breeding and price

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Egyptian Mau Cat, it is a repetition, in truth, because "Mau" in Egyptian means cat, but let's see it as a way to reaffirm the pride with which this breed makes it known that it is one of the oldest in the world. There are those who even believe that it is precisely the Egyptian Mau Cat the direct and only descendant of the cat revered by the ancient Egyptians: there are still no certainties about this but it cannot be denied the evidence.

That of elegant body shape of this animal that makes it look a lot like theAbyssinian, not to mention its elegant and graceful bearing, which is typical of most oriental cats. In the heap, this one stands out because smaller and more robust.

Egyptian Mau Cat: characteristics

The first feature that makes the Egyptian Mau Cat it is his wonderful, spotted coat. In truth there are several types, the pewter gray one, the bronze one with chocolate spots, the silver one with black or dark gray spots and, finally, the smoke version. They are not out of standard but very rare, the specimens of Egyptian Mau Cat red and dark gray. The coat, color aside, is always short, shiny, silky.

This breed has a medium-sized body, at most it can weigh 4-5 kg, the females however usually remain around 3 kg, the structure does not it is stocky but agile and graceful, thanks also to the long and elegant limbs and minute legs. The tail is not very long and has a rounded and soft tip, the head is also rounded but a little elongated, with ears that protrude large and not pointed, large clear or amber almond-shaped eyes, always wonderful and almost hypnotic.

Egyptian Mau cat: character

A little shy and not particularly expansive with those who don't know, the Egyptian Mau Cat on the contrary, he is lively and playful when he is at ease, at home, in the family. Indeed, rather wild, I would say, in fact it needs adequate spaces to climb and release energy, and also to meow free, soundly.

Besides loving the game, he also loves being with people, so if he remains alone for many hours he suffers and it is not certain that he does not take revenge on some sofa left unattended, but when we return he welcomes us affectionately and is immediately ready, without any rancor or sense of guilt, it is to be pampered. In the family. usually, he elects his best friend and follows him, courts him and assists him everywhere, from room to room.

This cat is therefore perfect for those who are not looking for an animal that lazes and purrs but a interacting cat, plays, proposes and desires a role in the family, if not as a protagonist, as a co-star.

Egyptian Mau Cat: breeding

This breed is not very widespread in Italy so it is not easy to find farms who take care of it. We can try in those structures that house other breeds and may also have Egyptian Mau Cat specimens. Two recommended farms areAldaran Cattery near Bologna or theAequinoctium breeding in Brescia. In Europe this breed was recognized very recently, in 1993, while in America as early as 1968.

Egyptian Mau Cat: photo

The best way to grasp beauty of this feline is certainly admiring it in the photo, for the coat that, even if we don't love cats, cannot fail to fascinate us. Moreover, it requires little care because it is enough to brush it once a week and comb it with a fine-toothed comb, which can be a very interesting and relaxing practice. If you happen to have a good-natured cat who loves being pampered and cleaned like mine, don't underestimate this moment for yourself and for your serenity. Yes, it's a kind of home pet therapy I'm talking about, recommending you to try. You will both benefit from it, you and your cat. .

Egyptian Mau Cat: price

As with less common breeds, let alone those as beautiful as this one, the price is by no means low. A specimen of Egyptian Mau Cat it can cost over 1,200-1,300 euros. I'm not exaggerating at all, believe me! There are few of them around, and having one is one real luck. As well as a pleasure, if you can afford it.

The only observation and point of attention on prices that are too low that must make us suspicious and not rejoice. If we find a Mau cat half the price is not a good sign and you should contact our veterinarian for help in evaluating the deal, it could be "fake" or a cat abused and illegally placed on the market.

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