How to soundproof a wall

How to soundproof a wall

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How to soundproof a wall:materials and do-it-yourself to acoustically insulate a wall of the house. Useful tips for sound insulation.

Acoustic comfort is essential in the home. The needs are many: there are those who want acoustically insulate a wall to protect themselves from the sound emitted by the urban center near home, there are those who want insulate a partition wall inside the house or who doesn't want to eavesdrop on their neighbors' conversations!

How to soundproof a wall

Forsoundproof a wallpartition or an entire room, you need to use insulating materials. There are numerous possibilities: from classic polystyrene to foam materials, from aluminum sheets (very easy to handle) to polyurethane ...wallto be insulated, it has a ventilation hole that provides for domestic ventilation, it will be necessary to prepare a special acoustic silencer. Based on your budget availability and manual skills, choose the most suitable material.

The most effective method forsoundproof wallsiswalls, consists in creating a double partition. This system is also good forplasterboard partition walls. A second partition is built and the space between the two walls (the facade and the internal one) is positionedsound absorbing material. This work is not within everyone's reach because it will then be necessary to move the baseboard and any electrical sockets. However, whatever material and method you choose forisolate a wallwhen adding sound absorbing materials, it is necessary to have good manual skills. For the installation of the self-adhesive sound-absorbing panels, please visit the page:how to insulate a wall.

The insulation material can be applied more easily with plasterboard partitions. On the market there are specific insulating panels to be fixed to the wall to be soundproofed. Even in this case, however, it will be necessary to leave space for the wiring and electrical sockets.

For manual work (necessary material, step-by-step instructions), you can take advantage of the practical guide entitledHow to soundproof a room.

How to soundproof a wall with a window

If the wall has doors and windows, you will need to choose someinsulating fixtures. The materials that are best able to acoustically insulate an environment are PVC first and then aluminum. The windows with PVC insulating shutters are very useful for those who live in urban centers but also for those who live in rural areas where peasant life imposes rhythms that are not suitable for everyone (the tractor often starts working in the early hours of the morning! ).

How to soundproof a wall with an air intake

Acoustic silencers are created precisely to insulate, acoustically, the air intakes in the house. Rooms with a strong presence of steam (intended for cooking food, the bathroom with shower ...) need constant air changes, often guaranteed byventilation pipes.

The ventilation pipes can be soundproofed byacoustic silencers which continue to guarantee the exchange of air from the outside but offer soundproofing power by contributing to the soundproofing of the wall.

Acoustic silencers are easy to DIY install. Typically, these are cylindrical or box-shaped devices. They are anchored to the ventilation pipe and exist in different diameters according to the needs of the installer.

How to soundproof the entire room: roof and floor

Who does not want to limit himself to a wall but wantssoundproofan entire room, must apply sound-absorbing material also to the ceiling and floor. For the ceiling it is possible to exploit the double partition strategy, in the intermediate layer the sound-absorbing materials will be placed.

As regards the floor, it is possible to choose between floating concrete masses, special panels made of rubber or anti-vibration plates of different densities. These materials help to absorb ambient noise and reduce vibrations.

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