Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance

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Floor maintenance: advice for the care of wooden floors, delparquet, ofmarble floorsor linoleum. All about floor care.

Therefloor maintenanceit is essential to preserve the appearance of the house. In this article we will see how to care for and clean certain types of flooring such as:

  • linoleum floor
  • marble floor
  • wooden floor
  • parquet floor

Maintenance of linoleum floors

Linoleum is afloorvery easy to clean. To make the linoleum shine, we do not recommend using chemical detergents because you just need to dilute a little Marseille soap in warm water. Marseille soap creates an emulsion capable of eliminating stains and residues without leaving marks on the linoleum.

To revive the color of the linoleum floor, add a few tablespoons of white wine vinegar to the rinse water.

Black lines on the linoleum floors
Make them disappear by deleting them, how? Using a pencil eraser.

Scratches on linoleum floors
If there are tears or scratches, attach transparent adhesive tape and paint the affected area with shellac. The surface will appear uniform and the scratch will no longer be perceptible

Maintenance of parquet floors

The cleaning and maintenance of the parquetit's not as complicated as it sounds. To take care of the parquet in a correct way we recommend our page "Parquet maintenance". In this section we will examine specific cases such as tea stains, scratches and burns on the parquet.

In case of scratches and scratches on the parquet, read our guide article "How to repair scratches in the parquet".

Burns on the parquet
Use very fine-grained sandpaper, dust, wax and, if any abrasion or hole remains in the parquet, use the guide on how to repair scratches in the parquet.

Tea stains on the parquet
Tea can stain wood, whether raw or painted. To remove tea stains on the parquet you can use shoe polish mixed with wax. In extreme cases it is possible to use very fine sandpaper and follow the advice seen in the guide to eliminate scratches in the parquet.

Parquet that creaks
If you notice a certain creak in the parquet, know that it is due to the friction generated between the wooden slats. The edges of the boards, rubbing together, cause the creak we perceive. To solve this you can sprinkle the cracks between the boards with talcum powder, or you can contact a technician who will fix the strips on any supporting beams.

Maintenance of marble floors

The advice we will see for marble is also valid in the case of ceramic floors.

To clean marble floors in a natural way, you can use a very effective antibacterial: alcohol. Alcohol will help you eliminate dirt and polish marble floors.

To obtain a shiny surface, you can wipe the marble floor with a cloth impregnated with wax, alcohol and warm water. When using alcohol, no rinsing is required, however, recommended if you use chemical floor cleaners.

Even the marble skirting boards can be washed with alcohol or you can use simple Marseille soap diluted in warm water. The use of marble wax is recommended to keep the surfaces clean for longer.

Maintenance of the wooden floor

Wooden floors or skirting boards should be cleaned like parquet. To polish them you can use a furniture product or red oil.

If there are chips or restoration work to be performed, you can follow the advice seen in the guide on how to repair the scratches on the parquet. The guide recommends the use of virgin waxes of the most suitable shade for your wooden floor, it shows you where to buy the best products and all the complete DIY that is very simple: in practice you have to pour hot wax on the crack from repair, wait a few seconds and scrape off the excess with a spatula.

Please note: steam cleaners are the best weapon for polishing and making floors of any type shine, including terracotta or porcelain stoneware tiles.

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