Laying the tiles on the wall

Laying the tiles on the wall

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Laying the tiles on the wall: how to put the tiles on the wall. From cutting to DIY installation. All the tips for tiling the walls of the house.

Coat thewallswithfloor tilesceramic has several advantages: the wall increases in strength, it is easier to keep clean and to maintain. In the bathroom, a tiled wall prevents the formation of mold on the walls and accumulations of humidity.

Thewall tilesthey are usually thinner than those of the floor. They generally have a thickness of less than 9 mm. Standard tiles have dimensions ranging from 10 x 10 to 30 x 30 cm, however on the market there are "oversized" shapes and sizes. If you are going totile a wall, know that on the market there are tiles coordinated with the floor tiles.

How to put the tiles on the wall, the project

Before you start, make a plan! Take the graph paper and draw, in a precise way, the area of ​​the wall to be tiled. Report the possible position of electrical sockets, mirrors or windows.

In the project you will not be able to take into account the thickness of the joints but it will certainly make you understand in practical terms how to proceed with the installation.

How to cut the tiles

Wall tiles are easier to cut because they are thinner. In any case you will need amanual tile cutter, it is a pliers equipped with a cutting wheel, you can buy or rent it but it is essential to perform thelaying the tiles on the wall.

On Amazon you can find very cheap manual tile cutters, which can be bought with 20 - 30 euros, our advice is to avoid such products because, as long as they work, they would risk making you chip a good number of tiles. Paradoxically, the purchase of the cheapest tile cutters is recommended only for the most experienced. Those who have never cut tiles are better off using a good tool. Among the best on the market we point out theBosch manual cutter, the PTC 470 model that can be bought with € 138.89 and free shipping costs. This tile cutter can cut tiles up to a thickness of 12 mm.

  • Bosch PTC 470 tile cutter
    for cutting tiles up to 33 x 33 cm
  • Bosch PTC 640 tile cutter
    for cutting tiles up to 45 x 45 cm.

Both tools feature a 20mm tungsten carbide cutting wheel with titanium cover.

Laying the tiles on the wall

The wall tiles are placed from the bottom upwards. During installation, constantly check that the tiles are perfectly aligned both horizontally and vertically.

Therelaying the tiles on the wallfor simplicity, it is carried out in sections of a square meter wall. Once a square meter is finished, you pass by always starting from the bottom up.

Spread the adhesive fixing all the internal tiles, use the appropriate cross spacers to keep the tiles spaced.

When you have finished the entire wall, you can remove the spacers, being careful not to move the adjacent tile.

In case of corners

If in thewall to be tiledthere are corners, remember to always start from the corner with a whole tile that must protrude at the height of the edge; on the adjacent corner you can insert another tile that will end up on the edge of the tile just placed on the opposite corner. In this way the second tile will cover the edge of the first tile laid.

In case of windows

If thewall to be tiledpresents windows, tiled up to the level of the sill by cutting, if necessary, the tiles. Place the cut tiles to fill the space between the window frame and the whole tiles below.

The escapes

To fill the joints (the spaces between one tile and another) apply the appropriate grout with a flexible spatula. Fill the cracks well and remove, from time to time, the excess grout with a clean sponge and a damp rag to clean.

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