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School garden, projects and info

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School garden: learning project between the desks and in the school yard. How the educational garden is made and what are its purposes.

L'school gardenis the new frontier of creative teaching. In the backpack of children of all ages, along with the books and the pencil case, we should put a hoe and rake.

L'school gardenit is a laboratory that engages children all year round and, while the schoolchildren are struggling with soil and earthworms, they address issues of biodiversity, conscious nutrition and respect for nature.

School garden, what is it for

From primary school to high school, thedidactic gardenit is available for all ages, from 3 to 15 years. While having fun, children learn the most ancient cultivation techniques and are educated to respect the environment and other living beings. Each child will be able to experiment and actively participate in the creation and care of the garden. The garden is experienced as a shared space, therefore as a moment of cooperation with other children. The advantages of aschool gardenare many, children will have the opportunity to:

  • understand the cycles of the seasons and with these the seasonality of fruit and vegetables.
  • Learn to recognize some plants.
  • Learn the value of the land.
  • Living sensory, manipulative, motor and play experiences.
  • Share a space by learning to cooperate in a group.
  • Raise food awareness.
  • Learn, from direct experience, some of the biogeochemical cycles such as that of nitrogen, obviously in playful terms, suitable for children.
  • Learn rainwater recovery techniques and efficient use of water resources.
  • Understanding the importance of self-production
  • Understanding the importance of zero-km products and strengthening the local economy

If a child sees a seed sprout, it will be much easier for him to learn the principles of plant biology. Similarly, with the cultivation of the school garden, it will be easier to trigger an environmental education in children that seems forgotten by young and old.

How to activate a school garden

If you are a teacher or parent and would like to start an educational activity such as that ofdidactic garden, find out if your region of belonging or your municipality offers environmental education services for schools. Not only municipal administrations, on the Italian territory there are numerous associations that support the cultivation activities of common spaces such as school gardens and urban gardens. If you are a teacher and are looking for a project to carry out with your pupils, in the article dedicated to the advantages of the educational garden there is a project for growing tomatoes in the school yard.

School garden in the school yard

The school does not need to have a plot of land, thanks to the raised garden technique it is possible to create wooden boxes and fill them with soil. Within a very small space it will be possible to start activities of:

  • tillage of the land
  • Sowing and germination
  • Cleaning of flower beds with weed control
  • Irrigation
  • Mulch
  • Recovery of rainwater with simple buckets
  • Fertilization with natural fertilizers such as, for example, nettle macerate
  • Collected

Furthermore, outdoor activities represent a starting point for the psychophysical balance of each individual but above all for children. According to researcher Sabine Eck, "The roots of our vital emotions develop in the first 7 years of life and if the tree, the butterfly, the caterpillar, the earthworm, the snail, the bee and the ladybug do not excite us as children, as adults they will be nothing but ailments to crush, worthless and soulless things.”

For food for thought and educational projects for introducing the garden to school, we invite you to read the book by Emilio Bertoncini, proposed on Amazon at a price of € 15.30 with free shipping. For every information:

  • The garden of wonders
    A manual aimed at teachers, professors, educators and associations who intend to start activities ofschool garden.

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