How much does parquet cost

How much does parquet cost

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How much does parquet cost: indicative prices that will help you choose the parquet, disentangling costs and characteristics.

The price of the parquet depends on the various essences and the format; in fact, on the market there are pre-finished planks, boards, planks and planks. Anyone who is considering replacing the home floor with real wood parquet will certainly be wondering about the expense to be faced. The costs of installation must also be added to the purchase cost of the parquet.

Thewooden parquetit is undoubtedly one of the most elegant flooring solutions. Theparquetmanages to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, worthy of a warm and elegant home. Before starting to daydream, it is better to check your wallet and calculate the final costs to be incurred.

Types of parquet and cost

In the article entitled "parquet, how to choose "we have explained to you that there are different types of parquet and based on the value you can have a more or less high expense.

When we talk aboutparquetwe can also diversify the quality of the wood. The raw material chosen differs not only according to the essence but also to the quality: there are woods in which there are no knots, woods with more uniform colors and woods that have a straight and regular grain, free from defects. In this case, the cost of the parquet is very high because only the finest wooden strips are selected.

On the market we also find standard materials, generally the wood is of darker and varied shades, well worked and seasoned. Some strips can carry so-calledpartridge eyes, that is, small circular knots that are noted for a color of greater intensity than the rest of the surface.

Another classification is that which divides theparquetinlayeredistraditional. Traditional parquet is made of solid wood that must be sanded and painted. To help your choice, we invite you to read the following article:characteristics of parquet.

How much does the parquet cost: the installation

The cost of installation must be added to the purchase prices of the parquet. Traditional parquet should be laid with gluing, those who have good manual skills can choose a parquet to be laid dry. Dry laying is simpler and faster and allows you to save on installation costs because it can be done with the DIY. For all the differences between dry laying and glued laying, we refer you to the page that compares floating parquet from glued parquet: Floating or glued parquet.

Sizes and prices of traditional parquet

In this paragraph we will see indicativelyhow much does the parquet cost. The prices described refer to solutions per square meter and are inclusive of installation because they are consideredtraditional wooden parquet which must be laid glued.

The costs depend a lot on the type of format you intend to choose. There are four formats available on the market:

  • Parquet in planks that vary in length and thickness.
  • Parquet with wooden boards with dimensions ranging from 4 to 6 cm wide, 10 mm thick.
  • Parquet with wooden strips with dimensions ranging from 6 to 8 cm in width and a thickness of 14 mm.
  • Wooden planks from 6 to 9 cm in width and 22 mm thick.

As stated, thecost of parquetit also depends on the essences. The essences available are:

  • Maple
  • Afromosia
  • Doussié
  • Beech tree
  • Ash tree
  • Iroko
  • Jatobò
  • Oak
  • Teak
  • Wenge
  • Bamboo
  • Cherry tree
  • Cabreuva
  • olive

The cost per square meter (including installation) of maple wood parquet is between € 70 for the boards and € 165 for 22 mm thick planks.

For the afromosia, the price ranges from € 56 per square meter for the tablets to € 105 for the planks. The strips can be bought with 72 € per square meter. The cherry wood parquet can be bought with prices ranging from 66 euros to 145 euros while for the Wangé in planks it will be necessary to pay an expense of 125 euros per square meter. Among the finest parquet floors, together with Maple, there is Teak, each square meter can be bought for 15 euros (price for 22 mm boards).

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