Porcelaine: breeding and price

Porcelaine: breeding and price

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Porcelaine, from France a live hound dog, in flesh and hair, despite the name suggests to an ornament. Of the ornament certainly has theelegance, but its size would not be very comfortable to put it on a shelf in the living room. It is an animal proportionate and powerful, well recognizable for its special coat color. Unique in the canine world.

Porcelaine hound

A male specimen of Porcelaine it is about 55-58 cm high at the withers, the females are about 5 cm lower on average but the physical structure is similar. The trunk of a Porcelaine is large and rather square, not squat but with measures that convey a feeling of balance and harmony.

The limbs are lean but certainly not slender, this French hound has power and shows it every time he is in action. There tail of the Porcelaine it is very robust at the root but towards the tip it becomes sharp, it is rather long and curved, fringes cannot appear on it, according to the breed standard.

Moving on to the head, that of Porcelaine has the typical shape that characterizes all hounds, the truffle is then large and dark, the expression awake and intelligent but also kind. The eyes must be black and well set, they transmit sweetness and attention to everything that happens around the dog itself. As for the ears, long up to the muzzle, they are thin and slightly folded, with a pointed shape.

The hair is known for its particular color, it is short, fine, tight and shiny, and the fantastic color is white. That's why Porcelaine. A particularly candid and warm white, which can be stained with orange in areas with rounded shape which, however, must never form large non-white areas on the body of our dog. Under the orange, in correspondence, we find the darker skin, and it should be noted that the ears are often the first stained body parts.

Porcelaine: character

The Porcelaine it is a hound dog that has not changed its vocation over the years, therefore it remains suitable for being outdoors and in places where it feels free. It is a hunting hound that looks for every type of wild animal, looks for it and pursues it with great tenacity thanks to its character strong and full of energy. During the hunt this breed is very strong and decisive, at rest however it is able to change mood and become sweet and gentle, quiet and also very friendly with family and children.

Porcelaine: breeding

In Italy, according to the ENCI website, the presence of only one Porcelaine farm emerges, we find it in the province of Perugia, in Umbria, and also breeds the Arigeois breed. In France there are many more, as imaginable, also because the dog we are talking about is one of the oldest of all French hounds.

There French Revolution caused its disappearance but in 1845 it returned thanks to the work of some passionate Swiss breeders. Its strong point has always been the pink reflections of the coat, motive of its name, since it definitely resembles a "porcelain" dog.

Porcelaine: price

To know precisely the price of a specimen of Porcelaine it is better to contact the breeding we find on the ENCI website by selecting the breed we are talking about. In the meantime, we begin to know its most recurring defects, always considering that one thing is to take this dog to go hunting, another is to keep it with us in the family and make him play with children.

The official standard, however, among the most frequent defects includes the limbs not upright, the thing worn badly, the colors of the coat not allowed by the standard, long hair, clear eyes, an aggressive or shy character.

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