Carrots: properties and benefits

Carrots: properties and benefits

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Carrots, always praised for a thousand reasons, so much so that it is now difficult to believe that this vegetable is truly effective and, if so, for what it really is. I can confirm, together with a thousand studies carried out on Carrots, that it is proven to be rich in health benefits so much that, after reading the truth about carrots, we will be the first to do everything to eat them often, better if fresh, better if from our garden, but still often.

Carrots: properties

The best known properties of Carrots are their ability to treat gastritis and dysentery, and prevent eye disorders. Obviously, promoting tanning is also one of the best known and most appreciated, while the property of improving male fertility is less publicized.

However, serious studies have been carried out in this regard and we can believe it: carrots improve male fertility and sperm quality: in general orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, as well as melon and sweet potatoes, would seem to be able to increase the quality of sperm.

Carrots are valuable not only if eaten, their properties just mentioned have been discovered while they were already being used in other ways. At the time, the Romans cultivated them because they had diuretic and aphrodisiac properties, or even to prepare "mixtures" to abort, in turn the Egyptians appreciated them properties of cicatrisants. Leaping into the Middle Ages, we find Carrots like natural cure for kidney stones.

Carrots: benefits

The advantages of carrots are not over, this vegetable is also a elixir of long life, obviously if associated with a healthy lifestyle, sport and movement, a balanced diet. They do not do magic, but they help to live long and healthy because the levels of alpha carotene in the blood are inversely associated with the risk of death.

Like all foods rich in antioxidants, and carotene is, carrot also helps prevent premature death, but it is not a food for over 60 because in childhood it is used to fight childhood obesity, combined with broccoli and spinach.

Carrots: nutritional values

As the name suggests the carrots have a high content of beta-carotene, one of the carotenoids, the one that is converted by the body into vitamin A, which is important if not essential for the synthesis of glycoproteins and for other biological functions. Beta-carotene is also known to many as antioxidant and because it counteracts the formation of free radicals, is good for the eyes and reduces the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Less sunburn!

Carrots don't stop at A's, they're also rich in vitamin B, C, PP, D and E, and there is no shortage of mineral salts, among which they stand out for their abundance potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

Carrots: calories

Who wants all the benefits of carrots but wonders how many calories in their diet they cost them: 40 Kcal per hectogram. They are not expensive benefits, on the contrary, and then it must be taken into account that on 100 g of carrot, raw and not seasoned, the 90% is made up of water, 7% from carbohydrates, 1% from proteins, about 3% from dietary fiber. A truly negligible amount of fat remains.

Boiled carrots

Magiate raw or cooked, are good for health but everyone can decide based on the benefits that follow the different culinary choices. If what we go to looking is the best betacarotene to cook carrots and season with a drizzle of oil because this substance is more easily assimilated by the body after a short cooking.

If boiled carrots make us think of something not very tasty, we can opt for those seared in a pan, but always with a drizzle of oil, because vitamin A is fat-soluble and is better absorbed when combined with good fats.
Having said that, let's not eliminate raw carrots from the menu, they too have itinunciable virtues, the best thing is, as often happens, to alternate!

Raw carrots

If beta-carotene tells us "cook", some vitamins, like vitamin C, they answer "don't cook". In fact, being sensitive to heat, they deteriorate with cooking and eating carrots loses meaning. Raw, they are excellent in pinzimonio but also for prepare fresh juices homemade and centrifuged. For some ideas of fruit juicer there is the article "Centrifuged: 5 recipes not to be missed“.

Purple carrots

If you often say carrot peel, assuming that carrots are orange by definition, you are wrong, because they can be of many colors: yellow, red, white, black and purple. Indeed, the first are not the oranges but the purples, grown in Egypt, only the Dutch, thanks to some genetic mutations, they have obtained the color that is familiar to us today, to pay homage to the Orange, or the rulers.

Today, beyond the aesthetic taste, it is necessary to choose the right carrots because the properties vary with the color. The oranges are those rich in vitamin A, violet instead of polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and antioxidants. There are the yellow ones, appreciated for their abundant lutein, and the red ones, rich in lycopene, instead the white ones are considered an excellent anticancer.

Wild carrot

Today the carrot is grown in half the world, almost everywhere, but the first to "domesticate" it were the peoples of the Middle East, even before the Romans and Greeks discovered it and spread its precious properties.

Initially they were not grown and then eaten, everyone thought it was absurd to start munching such hard food: better to make them an ingredient for curative concoctions or forage for animals.The first to welcome this vegetable were the Spaniards, at the time of Caterina de 'Medici, made it an edible vegetable and gradually spread it as a delicious and useful ingredient.

Carrot essential oil

Less known but very effective, there is a third way to benefit from the carrot: using thecarrot seed essential oil.

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