Condensing boiler and energy saving

Condensing boiler and energy saving

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Acondensing boileroffers numerous advantages; here is when it is convenient, how it works and the savings that this appliance can offer for home heating.

Thecondensing boilersboast of greater efficiency because they exploit the heat that theyboilerstraditional ones dissipate in the form of fumes. Anyone looking for aenergy saving boilerit would do well to aim for a condensing model or a hybrid boiler, able to perform the task of air conditioning the house in the summer and heating it in the winter.

How a condensing boiler works

On the market we find hybrid boilers, traditional boilers, high-performance boilers andcondensing boilers. What makes a condensing boiler so special? Its mechanism of operation which provides adouble heat exchangerdesigned to recover a greater quantity of thermal energy than in other models would be dissipated.

In aboilertraditionally, only part of the heat from the combustion fumes (defined latent heat) is used for domestic heating. In traditional boilers, the fumes vapor is dispersed into the atmosphere through the flue. With thecondensing boilerthe vapor is released into the atmosphere only after having given up a large part of its thermal energy: it is called "condensation" precisely because it condenses the exhaust fumes by exploiting the residual thermal energy.

It is for this reason that the output fumes of thecondensing boilers have a lower temperature than the outlet fumes of traditional boilers: the heat retained by the appliance is used for the production of domestic hot water or for domestic heating continuously. Thanks to the thermal energy obtained from the ropes (through the double heat exchanger), onecondensing boilerit allows tosaveup to 40% compared to a traditional boiler.

For more information on how thecondensing boilerwe invite you to read the dedicated page:how condensing boiler works.

Thesavingsgiven bycondensing boilersit does not only concern the gas bill: it is true, the greater savings can be seen from a lower combustion of gas but a moderate impact is also recorded on the electricity bill.

The latest generation models, in fact, also allow you to save on electricity thanks to a continuously modulating circulator capable of always adapting the water flow rate and improving the performance of the boiler with minimum electricity requirements.

Condensing boiler and tax deduction

Theexpensesofboiler replacementare deductible up to 50% and with a maximum deductible of 10,000 euros, the maximum expense ceiling and the deduction reaches up to 65% when the boiler purchased uses the condensation.

Access to thefiscal detractionhappens at the time oftax declarationwith the Unico model or the 730. Laboiler replacementit is an expensedeductiblebecause it is part of the subsidized purchases fromFurniture Bonuseven without restructuring.

The purchase and installation of a condensing boiler can take advantage of tax incentives of up to 65% because they are considered as interventionsenergy requalificationof the building if at the same time thermostatic valves are also installed on each calorific of the house.

In case of replacing the old boiler with a more efficient boiler (without any renovation work or installation of thermostatic valves), the tax deduction that can be obtained to lighten the purchase of thecondensing boileris equal to 50%.

The tax relief percentages just seen (65% and 50%) are valid only for those who purchased and installed a condensing boiler by 31 December 2016. For those who buy acondensing boilerin 2017, the tax deduction affects only 36% of the amount.

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