How to make an electrified fence

How to make an electrified fence

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How to make an electrified fence: DIY instructions for making an electric fence using metal wires, support posts and energizers. Where to buy the material and assembly instructions.

Formake an electric fenceyou basically need only three elements:

  • support posts
  • energizers
  • wires and insulators

Aelectrified fenceit consists of metal wires supported by poles. The metal wires are connected to an energizer or power generator. Furthermore, insulators and warning signs are required to be placed along the recitation as required by current legislation. A single sign is enough for fences of less than 20 meters, for larger fences you will need a sign every 20 meters.

How to make an electrified fence:trace the perimeter

If you already have onegarden fenceor for the containment of animals, you can take advantage of the old support poles on which to mount the metal wires to be electrified. If you have to build an electrified fence starting from scratch, you will need two types ofsupport posts.

You will need stronger stakes to support the structure, also referred to as “strength stakes”. Strength poles should be placed in the corners of the fence and also at long intervals (in case of a very long electric fence, a strength stake should be placed every 10 meters). The stakes must be firmly planted on the ground, preferably in chestnut wood or even concrete.

You will need other less massive posts, these will have to support the wires. The support posts must be placed at a distance of approximately 2 meters.

Based on this information, calculate the number of strength poles you need (one every corner and one every 10 meters) and the number of support poles to buy (one every 2 meters must be implanted).

For the support you can buy metal rods for construction (they cost a few euros), the only drawback is that being metal, you will have to equip them with ferrule insulators.

DIY Electric Fence:wires and insulators to use

ADIY electrified fenceworks at a very high voltage: from 8 to 15 kV, do not try to save on insulation because you could incur quite serious damage.

The insulators are used for the support pegs and for the posts (wood or metal). Use pig tail insulators for the wooden pegs! The insulators are made of plastic or ceramic material and are able to isolate up to 20,000 volts.

The wires to be electrified are strictly metallic but not all metals conduct current. Copper is the conductor par excellence but in this case it would produce too high consumption. For thebuild an electrified fencechoose galvanized iron wires, which are also cheaper! The minimum diameter must be 1.2 mm.

How to build an electrified fence:the energizers

In the choice ofenergiseryou must consider the usefulness of your fence. If it is an animal power grid, consider that livestock may have protective fur. For example, if theelectrified networkserves to keep wild boars away, these animals have thick skin and to keep them away you will need more powerful energizers, capable of providing the adequate amount of electricity throughout the enclosure.

If the fence is very long, you can mount several energizers. There are three types of energizers on the market:

  • current
    they are the most effective, they are powered directly from the electricity grid. These energizers are suitable for very long DIY fences! Even up to 5 km.
  • battery operated
    they are less powerful but can be used anywhere with rechargeable batteries preferably 12 V.
  • with accumulators
    more powerful batteries provide the same power as the mains but require periodic recharging and can be easily stolen.

DIY electric fence: assembly

For the assembly of theelectrified fencewe recommend the use of at least 4 metal wires placed at different heights: the first at 25 cm from the ground, the second at 50 cm from the ground and the third at 120 cm from the ground. In the case of sheep fencing or to protect the cultivation from small animals, you can intersperse the electrified cables with non-electrified cables to be connected to the ground poles.

Kit to build electrified fences

You can buy the material individually or take advantage of the ready-to-assemble kits. The kits allow you to build an electric fence by hand with a budget of less than 200 euros.

Among the various kits on the market, we would like to point out one with an excellent quality / price ratio: Extra Power electric fence kit. The kit includes all the accessories to make oneelectric fence. At the time of installation, remember that the height of the wires must take into account the animal against which they must act. If you wantprotect the gardenfrom any wild animal, you will have to place the wires at a distance of 25 - 30 cm from each other; if there are few animals, a single wire placed 25 cm above the ground will suffice.

You can start from the kit and buy additional wire and use metal rods for construction (very cheap) as a support, or buy more kits for the construction of larger electric fences. The recommended kit has a 250 meter long electric wire, useful for protecting the home garden.

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