Suffumigi: what they are and how to make them

Suffumigi: what they are and how to make them

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Suffumigi, to some it does not sound familiar, even I have never called them that, but I know what they are and what they are for. I am referring to fumenti, as a child I familiarly called them "vapors", encouraged by the idea that it was basically one of grandmother's remedies.

Indeed it is, but the fact remains that even today, with so many “super” products, it remains among the best solutions in case of cold, stuffy nose, cough and sore throat. There is no strange secret, nothing scientifically complex: i Suffumigi I am in the practice of water vapor which helps to clear the nose by dissolving the mucus and acting against inflammation in the throat. If we aromatize them with essential oils, their effectiveness increases.

Suffumigi: what they are

The moment of Suffumigi it is usually the evening, when we have time to devote to these hot inhalations: before going to bed they help us breathe better during the night and wake us up with less and less discomfort, day after day, until we heal from colds or coughs or other winter ailments. Besides being effective, Suffumigi are very easy to prepare: you only need a pot full of boiling water and, if we want to speed things up, some "secret ingredients " absolutely available.

Suffumigi against colds

An addition to the Suffumigi base, excellent for clearing the respiratory tract, is chamomile, also recommended as an herbal tea: we can make the combination. To prepare the fumenti you need the dried flowers in a pot with boiling water and can also be useful for strong ear infections related to mucus.

LEucalyptus is another perfect cold remedy if used for Suffumigi and is also good for sore throat. There is eucalyptus essential oil to add: 4 or 5 drops are enough for ours Suffumigi in the evening: peaceful and fragrant sleep ensured.

Suffumigi against cough

One of the ingredients to add to enhance the effect of the vaporsis Tea Tree Oil, precious because it is “multitasking”: it has numerous healing properties and makes coughing go away, whether with mucus or without mucus. Let's not hesitate, at the first cold, at the first hint of a runny nose, let's prepare a nice pot of boiling water with 5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil and during the night, no cough.

Suffumigi with bicarbonate

One of the types of vapors that even those who never use it know are the bicarbonate one, the classic grandmother's, a popular and ancient remedy. That's enough pour a generous spoonful of baking soda in a pot of boiling water, then stir and ... breathe. Stuffed nose, cold, will be just a memory To know in depth the secrets of Suffumigi with bicarbonate, read our article.

Suffumigi: how they are made

It is not at all difficult to do fumigationsIndeed, it is more difficult to pronounce and spell this name correctly than to use the technique to heal a big cold. But better help yourself with an inhaler, on Amazon there is a very smart and practical one for 8 euros.

Vials for fumigations

Everyone has their own tastes and it is correct that they can choose the aroma they prefer to inhale, but it is also important to have indications on the effectiveness of the flavors of Suffumigi existing. One of those that works best, among my favorites, is the blend of essential oils it contains Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Pine and Rosemary. Ready-to-use vials on Amazon can be purchased for 11 euros.

Contraindications of fumigations

The fumigations have no particular contraindications unless we also consider subjects suffering from diseases such as asthma to which prolonged exposure to water vapor could inflame the respiratory tract. In particular, in these subjects, irritation can occur if a poor quality aromatic oil is used.

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