Fragrant indoor plants

Fragrant indoor plants

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Fragrant plants for apartments and balconies: here is a list of fragrant plants suitable for growing in pots. The best plants to perfume your home in a natural way.

Plants brighten up the home by bringing a pinch of greenery into the home; by making the right choices, it is possible to perfume your home in a natural way using plants. At the time of flowering, the fragrant indoor plantsthey give off a pleasant smell that spreads throughout the house.

Fragrant indoor plants

Here is a short list and tips for growing fragrant plants at home. The same plants can also be grown on the balcony, paying attention to temperatures and exposure.


Known as Madagascar jasmine, it is a very fragrant climbing plant. The flowers are white, waxy, tubular and very fragrant. Perfect for those looking for a climbing plant with white and fragrant flowers. It can be grown on the balcony as long as the temperatures do not drop below 10 ° C.


Hyacinthus orientalis varieties of hyacinths begin to bloom in early March. They bloom just before daffodils and botanical varieties of tulips. Hyacinth is a spring-flowering bulbous with an intense and pleasant scent, perfect for scenting your home in a natural way.

Lilum or lilies

The flowers of the lilies have different colors. They can be grown at home or on the balcony, using pots of at least 35 - 40 cm deep. The pot should be kept in a semi-shaded position. For every information:

  • lily, pot cultivation

Hoya carnosa

This houseplant is known as a "porcelain flower" or "wax flower": its petals are very delicate and pale pink in color. It is a climbing plant that can only be grown on the balcony in southern Italy. Those who live in the center or in the north will have to grow Hoya carnosa at home: the plant suffers a lot below 10 ° C.

The plant blooms in spring and its blooms go on throughout the summer. The flowers of Hoya carnosa are characterized by a deep, sweet and intense scent, vaguely reminiscent of the union of coconut with vanilla.


It is a very fragrant plant that, with a few precautions, can adapt to growing in pots but only on the balcony, in the garden on the terrace. Its scented climbing white flowers brighten up the environment by releasing a very strong smell. For every information:

  • Grow jasmine in pots


Betweenfragrant indoor plantsmore cultivated and more resistant.It belongs to the Araceae family: this houseplant produces many deep green leaves, offers periodic flowering and requires little care. Among the most fragrant varieties we point out theI know Sweet. For optimal development of the entire plant, remember to rotate it so as to expose the entire foliage to light in a continuous cycle. For every information:

  • Spathiphyllum, cultivation and care

Fragrant geranium

You won't have to wait for the flowering period! The fragrant geranium features intensely scented ornamental foliage. This plant is perfect for home fragrance, it produces small flowers which, depending on the variety, can be white, red or lilac.

Why is it the plant of excellence for perfuming the home? Because according to the variety it is possible to choose the perfume we prefer. The fragrant geranium Tomentosum, for example, gives off a mint smell, the Prince of Orange smells of orange blossom while the Subliguasum smells of strawberry. The Better Lemon smells of lemon and the Citridorum of mandarin.

Plants to perfume the house

There are many indoor plants that you can grow to perfume your home. Laurel, properly pruned, can be grown in pots as well as eucalyptus.

Among the fragrant flowering plants that can be grown at home we point out the passion flower, the gardenia and the beautiful Begonia Tea Rose with its very showy flowering.

In the photo above, a beautiful gardenia in bloom.

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