Ecomondo 2016: news not to be missed

Ecomondo 2016: news not to be missed

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Ecomondo 2016, sounds a good omen and this is the name of this important upcoming event, which gathers in one place all the major protagonists of the world, able to make it "eco". Also this year the invitation to sit around a table is renewed, or rather to more thematic tables, but with a common goal. That at the next edition of Ecomondo, the world is more "eco".

Ecomondo 2016: where and when it takes place

The appointment with Ecomondo 2016 from Tuesday 8 November to Friday 11, to host this important meeting of good intentions and good deeds, is the Rimini exhibition center, located in via Emilia, 155, in the territory of this city. Just missing!

Ecomondo 2016: how to get there

To reach Ecomondo 2016 you have to reach Rimini first of all and this is possible comfortably by train, but also by car. It depends on where visitors arrive, but once in the neighborhood you can choose thebetter entrance so as not to go around in circles and immediately enter the fullness of the event. The east one, for example, is recommended for those leaving the Rimini Nord exit but also for schools arriving by bus and for operators. There is also the west entrance available for better distribution, and the south one for those arriving by train or taxi.

For those arriving by their own means, various are available in the exhibition center well-served car parks.

Ecomondo 2016: timetables

Ecomondo 2016 is open every day indicated, from 9 to 18, to obtain information about tickets, you can contact the appropriate assistance service on 0412719009 from Monday to Friday from 9 to 19 and Saturday from 9 to 14.

Even higher educational institutions can enter and for young visitors to Ecomondo 2016 who come with their class to find out what the near future holds for them, there is an ad hoc treatment and price: 3 Euros per student. The same applies to university students if they present their university booklet or card at the cash desks, even without a reservation.

Ecomondo 2016: tickets and press accreditations

For those who want to visit Ecomondo 2016 and daydreaming of a planet where people collaborate to find solutions with a low environmental impact and a high social impact, there is the possibility of purchasing tickets online. The full entrance ticket costs 25 euros unless you have an invitation ticket, but those who know they can only stay for two days can opt for the 28 euros pass, exactly for those who have 48 hours. Obviously there is also the daily option and if you buy it online the day ticket costs 12, if your green day is Tuesday, even 8.
The press is also welcome at Ecomondo 2016: it is important to give a voice to a world that changes and goes in the right direction.

Ecomondo 2016: the most interesting news not to be missed

Fortunately, there is never a shortage of ideas in the minds of those who want one Ecomondo 2016 innovative and green. Among the novelties of this edition there is a formidable exhibition on the "circular economy”Which reveals to us how we have real things under our eyes Urban mines and industrial mines of materials that we have always called waste, instead they can be transformed into new resources. Here then they take on a technical and economic significance.

An area of ​​the event is dedicated to monitoring the emissions in the atmosphere, the quality of the ambient air and the quality of the indoor air. Is called Monitoring & Control and, focus in the focus, tells us how to control odors, for example! But not only…

Material handling & lifting solutions it is very vertical and is the space in which all those who are in some way interested in can be found cranes and mobile cranes, lifts, trailers, industrial and port handling machinery, platforms, equipment and components. The supply chain is wide and varied, from industrial treatment experts to oil & gas and transport, from manufacturing to agri-food, from mechanics to steel.

Given the growing awareness of the strategic value of "Biogas Refinery", Ecomondo 2016 could not miss a section dedicated to" Methane-biomethane ", one of the most driving sectors. The upcoming event aims to be the meeting point not only physical but also strategic where producers, industrial companies, world of associations and research can find or create synergies in view of a green energy transition and decarbonisation of our production system.

States General of the Green Economy

This year the fifth edition of the States General of the Green economy will take place at Ecomondo 2016 and there is no shortage of themes to put on the table to close the event by celebrating the new objectives and shared strategies.

Promoted by the National Council of the green economy, these green States General bring together 64 business organizations and see the collaboration of Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development. The goal at Ecomondo 2016 is to start an open and participatory planning process, involving the main ones stakeholders of the Italian green economy.

So far 6 thousand have contributed to this virtuous operation. The protagonists are too many to be all at the same table, in fact there are 10, one for each working group dedicated to a strategic theme of the green economy. With a final event the ranks of the work done will be gathered.

Ecomondo 2016: official video

Before organizing to participate in Ecomondo 2016, a look at the intense video that gives us an interesting preview.

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