How to clean electrical devices

How to clean electrical devices

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How to clean electrical devices: even TVs, notebooks and smartphones need periodic cleaning! We offer you useful tips for cleaning displays, keyboards and other more delicate and difficult to clean components.

For thecleaning the tv or computer screenwe have a dedicated page that you will find later. To start we can tell you that forclean the displayyou can use a soft cloth like that used to clean glasses. Alternatively, a microfiber cloth is also fine, as long as it is dry and clean.

Cleaners clean electrical devices

Ban on the use of detergents! Forclean electrical devices, portable or fixed, it is highly recommended to use thedistilled water.

It is important to use distilled water for two reasons:

  • the polarity of the planar water molecule is useful for removing dirt in case of stains.
  • tap water has an excessively high hardness and limescale can damage the external surfaces of your precious technological devices.

Those who just can't do without it can buy a specific detergent but only in extreme cases: if you hit the PC keyboard while eating chips, you will probably find yourself a greasy surface ... a big problem! Also in this case, distilled water should suffice but it is important to act with caution.

How to clean your pc keyboard

The keyboard of notebooks (mac or winzoz that are) must be cleaned with extreme caution.

If cleaning is to be limited to removing dust (as I wish you), just use a simple soft bristle brush. The bristles intercalate in the cavities surrounding each key, eliminating every single grain of dust.

If you've been using your computer wildly, dust may not be your only problem.

Ideally, before using the computer (and therefore its keyboard) you should wash your hands, so as to protect the surfaces of the computer from any dirt. Unfortunately, very often, we find ourselves eating anything in front of the computer, smoking, drinking or even painting with some tutorials in front of us! In these circumstances the scenario changes completely.

Equip yourself with a microfibre cloth (clean!), Wet it with distilled water and wring very well. The rag should only be damp and not soaked in water.

Turn off the computer (do not dare to clean the keyboard while the computer is running) and gently wipe the damp cloth between the keys and over the keys. Do not spray any cleaner on your keyboard.

As an alternative to the microfiber cloth, on the market there are electrostatic rubbers created specifically for deep cleaning of the keyboard and difficult surfaces.

Among the various products on the market we point out the Trizes Super Clean rubber, proposed on Amazon at a price of 3.99 euros with free shipping. The manufacturers of these cleaning rubbers claim that they are reusable… in reality you can only reuse them a couple of times or only if you are careful to cut the surface layer of the rubber itself so that you always get a clean block.

How to clean the display of our devices

Plasma TV, retina display, full LED display, HD technology, smartphone display,touch screenof tablets and cars… Loscreenit is one of the most delicate components of our devices and requires careful cleaning. There are recurring mistakes that we often make when we try to clean the display of a notebook or mobile phone; here are the unconscious mistakes that too often damage our devices:

  • Use scented cleansers.
  • Use cleaners containing alcohol or ammonia.
  • Use paper towels, terry towels, or ordinary rags to dry the display.
  • Use an excessively damp cloth.
  • Spray the cleaner directly on the screen to be cleaned.

Precisely for the delicacy of this component and for the difficulty of removing dust from the corners of the display that we have decided to dedicate a specific guide to ourselves:how to clean pc, smartphone, tv and tablet displays.

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