Elephant gestation: how long it lasts

Elephant gestation: how long it lasts

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Elephant gestation, long but not for the size of this animal, there are other reasons that it is curious to discover. The elephant is actually a challenging animal with characteristics that are not always "to scale". For example, it has relatively small eyes that seem to take a back seat near its large mobile ears. Fangs and proboscis they are part of his stereotyped image but few know that he has a highly developed hearing and smell, while his sight is rather weak.

There Elephant gestation it is not long for what it eats, this animal always eats a lot, it is herbivorous and loves the leaves of trees, it is so greedy that it almost "deforests" when it passes by.

Elephant gestation

It is not particular only for its duration, the Elephant gestation, but also for the excellent success rate. Furthermore, the weight of the "baby" is around 120 kg, 98% of the time only children are born, twin births are very rare. Contrary to what we are used to thinking for other mammals, for elephants it works that the restless temper comes out. out after graduation.

Shortly after the Elephant gestation, the mother is rather serene, it is after, once more adult, post-adolescent, that this animal can even show signs of aggression.

Males, without wanting to fall into clichés, are often the most dangerous because they are competitive and rebellious. Before going into the merits of Elephant gestation, let's see what happens first.

No monogamy and oaths of fidelity, despite the long memory that pachyderms are said to have: a male lives with the female for a few years, time to mate and see the child, then he changes. The company in which the Elephant gestation it has as heads of males who are led by groups of related females, during mating, however, other priorities take over and the balance is broken. Take the fight for the best female.

Elephant gestation: how long it lasts

I have said so far that the Elephant gestation but not how much. You will agree with me, it lasts about 21 months with variations that depend on the origins of the animal, Asian or African. The time period is undoubtedly among the most consistent in the animal kingdom but it is not just a race with the stopwatch, or the calendar in hand.

There Elephant gestation it is special, different from that of other mammals, because it involves a long phase called luteal which means that the puppies are born with a very developed brain.

It is not the usual dream book legend and has nothing to do with the famous one Disney cartoon, DUMBO, is the result of research conducted by a team of German and Canadian scientists. They went to study there Elephant gestation in a group of 17 females, a little African and a little Asian, to understand what lay behind the very long wait.

Mystery revealed, and it is called corpus luteum, it is one endocrine gland produces progesterone and is responsible for about 22 months of which the former are characterized by a very slow development. In the finale of Elephant gestation there is a sort of sprint that makes the baby very likely to be born healthy and above all ready to face life. All the time spent in the womb is not lost time, in these two years, almost, the brain has developed a lot, when the baby elephant comes to light he already knows how to behave and enter "in society".

Indian elephant gestation

Depending on the origin of the animal and its characteristics, the duration of the Elephant gestation it may show small variations. For the Indian one, usually there estimate is 18 - 22 months.

African elephant gestation

The African elephant has on average a longer gestation than its Asian counterpart, estimated at 22 months or a little less. Let's take into account that it also lives 70 years and can weigh 6,000 kg if male, the half if female.

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