Give a tree for Christmas!

Give a tree for Christmas!

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Give a tree for Christmas, not of the plastic ones but not even of the real ones “which then who knows where they end up when they are replanted”. Give a tree for Christmas to those who can use it immediately and enjoy the fruits, you will not be able to decorate it but you will be able to follow its growth from a distance, for a long time. This is the original and ecological proposal by Treedom, the web platform that allows people and companies to finance tree planting globally. To save the planet, let's start adopting a tree and giving one away for a green Christmas: the white one is now out of fashion.

Give a tree for Christmas: which ones

Thanks to Treedom's Christmas campaign, "We make it real", anyone who gives a tree for Christmas doesn't have to worry about giving it to friends and relatives: just a click - as we will see - and it is even possible to choose between four different "limited edition" tree species. Depending on our tastes, or those of the recipient, we can ensure that in Kenya we are planted avocado, guava, mango and markhamia trees.

We find them on the site in the Christmas version, it is clear that they are not the classic Christmas trees but it is no coincidence, the choice of Treedom. Mango, avocado and guava in fact there are three trees that produce fruits, fruits that will remain with the local population, will nourish them or will become a source of income if traded. It does not bear fruit but, instead, gives shade Markhamia, and it is equally important for the Kenyan inhabitants who will be able to enjoy its foliage by using it to protect all those crops that need it from the beating sun.

When Treedom then he proposes "Give a tree for Christmas " its primary objective is to lend a hand to local populations by providing them with something to help them self-sustain, find or create opportunities for growth and income in their area. Who Give a tree for Christmas to a relative or a friend, give a fruitful prospect to those who plant and cultivate that same tree with devotion and gratitude.

Give a tree for Christmas: how

Who Give a tree for Christmas with Treedom, makes an original and intelligent gesture, useful but not at all complex. One click and you can choose the tree from the four available on the platform in the "special Christmas" by dedicating it to a special person, or rather by dedicating the financing of its planting in Kenya.

To let them know, we can to send a message, notification of the gift, via email, or via Facebook, but if we are fond of the paper version of the greetings, even if less green, we can always opt for a greeting card that can be downloaded directly from the site.

While in Kenya who receives the tree to be planted, start taking care of it to make it bear fruit, the special person to whom we gave it will be able to feel personally involved in the project, thanks to the updates he will receive via email on the status of the plant.

Not just "greetings from Africa" ​​but information from whom Give a tree for Christmas with the heart because each of those planted with Treedom comes photographed, geolocated and published on the online profile created for the owner.

Give a tree for Christmas: why

If the idea of ​​Treedom still does not fully convince us, it is good to explain the many reasons why it is successful. So who give a tree for Christmas is green, original, generous, far-sighted and to be imitated.

In addition to avoiding "facade" gifts that then end up in oblivion and that involve an expense, a transport, a gift package to do, to unpack and to dispose of in the trash, who give a tree for Christmas with Treedom finances its planting in Kenya by donating twice.

Even the recipient of the plant itself, on the spot, receives a precious gift that coincides with the important responsibility of follow the growth of the plant closely, with constancy and love. From afar, in the same way, the person who received the unexpected thought, "limited edition", can do it.

All that remains is to decide what best suits who we are thinking: an exotic Avocado, the wise Guava, a cheerful Mango, or the serene Markhamia. With a personalized message, anyone who gives a tree for Christmas makes a great impression. And Treedom expands the usual offer of trees that can be planted in Italy, Africa and Latin America.

To give your loved ones a tree for Christmas, you just have to visit the official website ofTreedom.

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