Names for dogs: how to choose

Names for dogs: how to choose

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Names for dogs, to choose from are fun but also sometimes a source of family diatribes. A bit like what happens when a child arrives and every relative and friend means theirs. With names for dogs it is not exactly what it is but it is necessary to put oneself in the order of ideas that there are criteria to be taken into account. Nice to decide together, and look for one original idea, but let's remember that the name is an important element in the educational phase of a dog. And, first of all, let's remember that it has to be a pronounceable word even in the midst of crowded gardens of children, without any embarrassment.

Names for dogs: how to choose

THE names for dogs, once given, they remain forever: if we can rename a goldfish every day, with our 4-legged friends, this is not possible. Throughout his life, we will pronounce that word thousands of times and with many different tones and intentions, therefore be careful that it does not resemble the name of other family members. There is a risk of scolding the dog and arguing with her husband, or of calling a child and finding the dog wagging its tail at his feet, ready to obey us.

If we have an uncle Carlo, we avoid an Argo, if the daughter is called Valentina, we exclude Tina, Mina and even Pina from all the possible names for dogs. The length of the name is also something to look out for, not for a matter of taste but for convenience and because it is easier for the animal to respond. Having said that, the important thing for the names for dogs, is that between man and animal there is understanding and respect.

Dog names with meanings

If we want to remember something frequently, we can use i Dog names as a reminder. Therefore, a value or a concept that is important to us can be elegantly translated into a name, for example by referring to it to literature or Greek and Roman gods.

For the males you can opt for Zeus to Apollo, or for Zeno and Charon, for the females instead Aphrodite and Teti, or Sappho and Fiammetta appear. If we want to give Dog names with a sporting meaning, we can take the surname of a football player, anyone who is a fanatic of a singer or a painter can do the same. Until the last I wanted to call my dog ​​Karenina, but they forbade me, not only for the length, which is usually not recommended.

Names for male dogs

THE Names for dogs they can focus on a concept of strength and speed, or on their strong or soft physical aspect. It's important don't play too much irony, so let's not exaggerate by calling a small dog, Hercules, and vice versa, a huge one, Fufi. He would feel uncomfortable himself, instinctively.

Names for female dogs

The risk, with i Names for female dogs, is to fall into the pathetic and think of the animal as if it were a doll or a Barbie. Here, Barbie is not a good choice but Priscilla is, with a sound like this, our four-legged friend she will feel loved, respected and admired.

You can also import name from European countries and baptize our dog like Karina, Melody, Lolita, Belinda, Brook, Brittany or Shiva, staying in Italy there are for example Ramona, Paprika, Olivia, Mafalda, Ofelia and Luna.

Names for hunting dogs

In this case, as never before, it is essential that i Names for dogs are effective so short, simple to pronounce and understand, and at the same time original: the homonyms could create problems in the field. If the quadruped is female, Diana is perfect but also Clio, Era, Kira, Maya, Cloe and Kiki are not bad, for males we often find ourselves choosing Argo, Luk, Bliz, Dick, Jack, Black, Amos and King .

Names for dogs: choose by consulting the horoscope

Yes, to find an appropriate name for your 4-legged friend, you can also be inspired bydog horoscope proposed by several websites including which offers a profile with the ideal characteristics of each dog in relation to the zodiac sign they belong to ... as long as you know the date of birth of your friend! :-)

Short names for dogs

Among the various Names for male dogs to choose from, there are historians who are curious to know, including explanations. From the history of the last century, it comes Blondi, this was the name of the very sweet German shepherd who sadly paid for a life the pain of having to work alongside Adolf Hitler. We can redeem it by breeding an anarchic and rebellious, messy and good-natured Blondi dog. From psychoanalysis, Freud gives us Jofi, name for a female, in his era of chow chow and attended all the sessions of the master: he knew!

There are Dog names suitable for athletic types and with Nordic features, such as Balto or Togo: I'm the one of two sled dog racing champions, he comes from outer space instead, Laika, we can opt for this very comfortable sound if we want to pay homage to the mestizo dog who was embarked on a Sputnik 2 space capsule, without ever returning.

If we don't want to Famous dog names, but we prefer to follow the advice and stay on the 4 letters, we can choose between Lilla, Stella, Diva, Lola, Dana, Nanà, Noa, Baby, Bella, Zola. And for males Bobi, Tao, Tago, Riss, Paco, Nilo, Fofi, Artù.

Original dog names

Today it is very difficult to choose Original dog names with all the dogs that are there and with the continuous stimuli to which we are subjected. Source of inspiration can be TV as well as the world of literature. Among the famous actors we find Kevin, Tom, Mel, Al, or Marilyn, Grace, Kelly, Pam.

Sifting among the books there are many more original proposals like Faust, Babar, Oedipus, Herod, Arsenius, Lucky, Rhum. For dog couples, there are interesting combinations such as Tik and Tak, Coffè and Break, Gin and Lemon, Mila and Shiro, Jessica and Roger, Penelope and Ulisse.

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