How to replace the toilet float

How to replace the toilet float

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How to replace the toilet float: if sotoilet drain leaks, it will probably only be necessary to replace the float. Here's how to do it.

As with any do-it-yourself plumbing work, first of all, close "the land key of water", that is, the water stop key.

Open the toilet. This procedure can be more or less difficult: when it istoilet drainit is embedded in the wall, you have to leverage the external body generally fixed by interlocking. First push this wall shock upwards and then pull it towards you ... The body will come off leaving you with a panel to unscrew with a simple saddle screwdriver. If sotoilet drainit is external and not embedded in the wall, it will be even easier to open it by removing the cover, also this time fixed by interlocking.

When you access the water collection tray of the toilet, you may see a tap. Close it and remember to reopen it before refitting the toilet.

Leaking toilet, limescale may be the cause

Inside the toilet you will notice the drain battery and a group consisting offloatingand tap. Thefloatingoften freezes due to limescale and is no longer able to close to stop the tap ... In these cases thetoilet leaks waterbecause the tray continues to fill.

When thefloatingit is not damaged, you can pour a powerful anti-limescale into the loading tank and let it act. If thefloatingis damaged, you will have to take care of it replacement.

If water always comes out of the toilet, it could also be the drain battery. To understand what the loss is due to, you can do a little experiment.

Close the supply tap upstream of the cassette (as previously suggested). Wait 10 minutes, the water flow in the toilet should have stopped.

If the water level in the tank is stable then the problem is caused by the tap with float. If, on the other hand, there is no more water in the box (or there is very little), the leak is due to a problem with the drain battery.

How to replace the toilet float

Once you have accessed the flush tank, remove thefloating and take it with you to a plumbing and heating shop. A float costs very little but there are different models based on the type of toilet. All the floats can be bought with little money but the most expensive (but still accessible) models are those of the wall drain.

In reality, disassembling and reassembling a float in a flush toilet flush with the wall is really difficult ... the difficulty is not related toreplacementin itself but to the little space that one has to operate. Generally, the flush recessed into the wall sees the float on the right, made of white plastic material.

Once you have purchased the compatible float, all you have to do is mount it by performing the reverse procedure.

The picture above shows the typical toilet float placed in the wall cistern. To disassemble it, you will need a wrench because the copper-colored pipe is connected to the water tap.

At the level of the red asterisks, we have indicated the critical point where limescale usually accumulates which prevents the float from rising with the consequent closing of the tap. The limestone deposits located at the level of the asterisks, in fact, act as a stopper and the float is no longer able to signal to the tap that it must close, thus causing water loss in the toilet.

To get an idea of ​​the prices and models oftoilet floatswe invite you to visit the dedicated Amazon page.

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