Urticaria, natural remedies and homeopathy

Urticaria, natural remedies and homeopathy

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Urticaria: causes, symptoms, natural remedies and homeopathic remedies. Tips to relieve the symptoms of chronic or acute stress urticaria.

L'urticariait is a dermatological pathology that can have severalcauses.

Urticaria, symptoms

L'urticariamanifests itself with a sudden rash, more or less itchy with edematous lesions characterized by a rounded and smooth skin relief, red or white (wheal).


The lesions can extend to the deeper layers of the skin and lead to a condition known asangioedema. The lesions, as well as the cause of the itch, are linked to the release of histamine.

Chronic urticaria or acute urticaria

Depending on the duration of thesymptomsyou can talk aboutacute urticariaorchronic urticaria. In acute urticaria, the symptoms should disappear within six months. When the symptoms, in fact, "become chronic" and persist beyond six months, we speak ofchronic urticaria.

Hives, causes

As stated, thecausesthey may be various and not yet ascertained. In fact, we often hear about the emotional loadstress urticaria.

Medicines, allergenic foods, insect bites, allergies, echinococcal infection… are all potential causes which can trigger a bout of hives.

Among the otherscauseswe have temperature changes or the presence of imbalances in the intestinal bacterial flora. Physical exertion can also causeurticariaas well as contact with particular metal objects (jewelry).

Urticaria, nutrition

First, be careful what you ingest: avoid inflammatory substances that can further irritate the already tried immune system. Even if you don't believe the cause is food-borne, especially in the case ofchronic urticaria, follow a diet free of foods that contain or that may promote the release of histamine. For at least a month, try to avoid foods such as tuna, salmon, sardines, canned foods, cured meats, fermented cheeses, kiwis, pineapple, mangoes, bananas, eggs, spinach, raw tomatoes, strawberries, bouillon cubes, and chocolate.

Urticaria, homeopathic remedies

Inhomeopathythere are several preparations used to relieve the symptoms ofurticaria. THEhomeopathic granulescan represent onecarepersonalized to reduce or reverse the symptoms of urticaria.

To truly get personalized treatment, consult a homeopath expert. The common remedies in homeopathy should not be taken with a light heart. Homeopathic remedies should be treated like medicines. The list of homeopathic granules that follows cannot in any way replace the opinion of an allopathic doctor and a homeopath expert.

In homeopathy, fortreat urticariagranules such asApis 15 CHwhen the itchy urticaria can be relieved with cold water while the symptoms worsen with heat.

Urtica urens 5 CH is ahomeopathic remedyused when urticaria is characterized by intense and burning itching, which worsens with the application of cool or cold water.

For thestress urticaria, inhomeopathy, we recommend Ignatia 9 CH or Staphysagria 30 CH. Staphysagria 30 CH consists of a dose tube of globules to be taken once a week when theurticariait is linked to psychosomatic factors and therefore appears in periods of strong frustration, anger and indignation.

Urticaria, natural remedies

Natural remedies should not be underestimated: they can greatly help relieve the symptoms of urticaria. Very useful can be theblackcurrantwhich due to its properties is considered anatural cortisone.

The active ingredients contained in black currant will stimulate the adrenal glands by promoting the production of cortisol, a "natural cortisone" able to cope with any type of allergic response that occurs in the body. Black currant is useful for slowing down the production of histamine and therefore relieving the symptoms of urticaria. To make the most of the properties of black currant (Ribes nigrum) it is possible to take it in the form of glycerine macerate, able to modulate the body's antiallergic response and stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory hormones. For a month, 30 to 50 drops should be taken with a little water every morning.

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