Benefits Honey and properties

Benefits Honey and properties

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Honey, a precious food to sweeten but also to stay healthy. More nutritious than sugar, it is also packed with properties that go far beyond just a sweet taste. The benefits of honey they affect many organs and even the mood. Moving from variety to variety, we can also focus on the properties that best suit our needs and desires. And also to our palates.

Honey: properties

This food is produced by bees that transform the secretions of flowers, nectar, the secretions of some insects, honeydew. It is so good both thanks to these insects so industrious and dedicated to their task, and thanks to the intervention of man who is able and willing and able to extract it, making it available to those who, including me, have other skills but not that of the beekeeper.

The part turned by the bees is that ofstoring honey in honeycomb cells, then it's up to us who, well aware of the properties and the benefits of honey we start extracting it by centrifugation, then leaving it to decant first in special containers and at the end in jars. We can also find those jars in markets for zero-mile products, for example.

What makes this up so precious food it is also the absence of complex processes that could compromise the benefits for me. Bees and beekeeper instead deliver it to us tasty and still rich in all its properties. They affect numerous aspects of our health, such as power and endurance, the fixation of calcium and magnesium for the benefit of the bones, but also the well-being of the heart.

Among the properties of the Honey also its decongestant, protective and detoxifying action, in addition to that regulating the digestive system and the diuretic system.

Benefits of wildflower honey

The Millefiori it has an extremely delicate flavor and is almost devoid of aftertaste, which is why it is among the most popular varieties, even by those who cannot appreciate strong flavors. This does not mean that the benefits it brings with it should not be recognized, primarily in relation to the liver to which performs a detoxifying action.

This honey like all the others that we will see, is to be considered a energetic and easily digestible food, also because it is composed of simple sugars (fructose-glucose) and contains enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, antibiotic-like substances and substances that can support and encourage growth.

Benefits of acacia honey

Among all, that of acacia is among the most liquid. It is a question of crystallization, that is the natural process which is a sign of authenticity but which means that there are types that become solid in a short time and others that remain liquid. The latter are rarer, and among all the acacia stands out.

Who wants to verify this characteristic fluidity, on Amazon there are jars of excellent pasteurized, organic, natural, organic honey. Very healthy and tasty.

Among the properties of that of acacia are to remember those of invigorating, laxative, anti-inflammatory for the throat and for diseases of the digestive system. It also detoxifies the liver and fights stomach acid while maintaining a fine, velvety flavor.

Benefits honey and rhododendron

Very delicate, almost like Millefiori, the Rhododendron is an excellent tonic and at the same time it can calm the nerve centers, as well as being useful against arthritis. It is often recommended as a protein and ideal anti-stress food but there are those who find its taste unpleasant and mix it with yogurt or put it in milk.

Benefits of chestnut honey

Restorative, remineralizing, M. di Castagno has a particularly intense taste and a strong bitter aftertaste that often make those who love only what is sweet and that's it, wrinkle the nose. This type, on the other hand, has character, but also offers many benefits, first of all that of promotes blood circulation. Recommended for the elderly and children, it acts as an antispasmodic, astringent and disinfectant of the urinary tract.

Benefits honey and lemon

The Honey with orange or lemon, and citrus fruit in general, has antispasmodic and sedative properties but is also often used for its ability to help heal ulcers. Its pleasantly aromatic and slightly acidic taste can please those who do not disdain flavors not in line with classic delicacies, remains a great help for fight both insomnia and nervous excitement.

Benefits of linden honey

Perfect for those who suffer from insomnia but also to give to those who are too irritable and make some unnecessary outbursts, the M. di Tiglio it has a menthol-like flavor, is balsamic and very persistent. It is used as a sedative for menstrual pains, as a sedative, or as a diuretic and digestive even when it sweetens expectorant herbal teas.

Benefits of sunflower honey

Difficult as Honey, that of Sunflower it is not at all very sweet, on the contrary, its taste can be defined dry without regret. It has a base aroma of pollen and antineuralgic, febrifugal and bone calcifying properties but it is also recommended for those who have too high cholesterol.

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