Burning eyes: natural remedies

Burning eyes: natural remedies

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Burning in the eyes, it often happens to warn it, it can be a simple sign of fatigue, a reaction to a substance to which we are particularly sensitive or the symptom of more complex and not immediate pathologies to be diagnosed. If it persists, the burning in the eyes it must be treated by a doctor, but we can combine it with any drug therapy, too some natural remedies. Also important to know are the tricks to prevent such annoyances.

Burning eyes: causes

From trivial to serious, there are numerous causes of burning in the eyes. This discomfort can hide an irritation linked to exposure to tobacco smoke, smog or dust.

It can happen even if we use without too much protection, household cleaners containing bleach or other potentially irritating substances, and it will have happened to everyone at least once to experience burning eyes due to the shampoo or soap accidentally coming into contact.

Allergies, both seasonal and perennial, can cause burning, and there are those pollen or animal hair but also to make-up and creams. Burning eyes can also hide much more serious pathologies that only a doctor can "flush out" like dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis or blepharitis. In winter, but not only, if we happen to have infections in the upper respiratory tract, such as the flu or a cold, we can also feel a annoying burning in the eyes.

Burning eyes and fatigue

More banal than the already banal causes explained so far, there is also the fatigue. It is often linked to being in front of the PC screen or to the even more tiring one of one smartphone. Aging can also increase the occasions when our eyes burn and the same applies if we use theentities in contact for prolonged periods.

Burning eyes: symptoms

It is quite simple to understand i symptoms of ocular burning but it can be accompanied by others who guide us in identifying a cause. For example, we can also experience itching, or show redness and eye irritation.

There are people who have blurred vision, watery or dry eyes, or a feeling that something is inside an eye. If the Burning in the eyes it is linked to a cold, most likely we will also have a runny nose, maybe a cough, and some sneezing.

More worrying signs related to Burning in the eyes may be bleeding from the eye,at presence of secretions of dense yellow or greenish material, altered vision, severe pain, flashes of light or the appearance of blackheads or dark spots.

Burning eyes: natural remedies mask

Made the necessary checks to understand the causes of the Burning in the eyes we can relax and clear our minds by wearing one sleeping mask. It is a luxury accessory, made of 100% mulberry silk thread, washable by hand and with a soft elastic strap, all hypoallergenic and able to help blood circulation and digestion. It is ideal for resting even while traveling. An alternative is the Palming for eyes

Burning in the eyes: grandmother's remedies

When it persists or becomes chronic, the Burning in the eyes must be treated by a doctor, who will most likely prescribe drug therapy such as antibiotic drops, eye ointments, rinses with saline solution, artificial tears or antihistamines.

Grandma's remedies are mainly about prevention: let's try to avoid overly polluted environments, we use a humidifier if the environment is very dry, be it home or office, and always wash our hands before scratching our eyes and using contact lenses, if we use them. For a while relief we can also prepare cold compresses on the eyelids, to be held for 10 minutes.

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