Dog bad smell: causes and remedies

Dog bad smell: causes and remedies

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Bad smell of the dog, it is felt despite even the deepest love we can feel for our four-legged companion. It is inevitable, and how can so many human beings crammed in a train of the metro in the height of summer, it is physiological for dogs to have their unpleasant smell. However, there is a level of tolerance for canine stench that must not be exceeded, because when it is too much it is too much. And I'm not saying this for our sense of smell: when a dog has a excessively unpleasant odor, it most likely has a health problem which is better to solve.

Dog bad smell: causes

Let's not immediately think that the Bad smell of the dog be a sign of misfortune, the most frequent causes behind it are one inadequate diet and the possible presence of bacteria.

There poor nutrition it is the number one cause, not only for bad breath but also for the stench that the whole mantle can give off. Better therefore to avoid unhealthy foods and inappropriate which, in addition to hurting the internal organs and general health of our animal, also make it the smelly and dull coat. Once we are sure he's well fed, if we keep hearing Bad smell of the dog, let's investigate because it could be an accumulation of bacteria and fat.

Bad smell of the dog: fur

Let's not start washing the poor animal like crazy a thousand and more expensive products and often useless that can be found on the market. They often turn out to be aggressive, even if deceptively scented, and in addition to overlapping the stench, multiplying the discomfort, they can damage the protective layer of the skin.

To hunt the Bad smell of the dog therefore we choose delicate detergents dedicated to animals, because those for humans could have a ph or a composition that irritates rather than clean.

Identified the product capable of hunting the Bad smell of the dog, do not exaggerate to use it, there is no specific rule on frequency but usually more than one wash per month is not necessary.

It is important to remain alert to stench even in the post-washing phase, making sure to dry the dog since the wet fur tends to be smelly, as well as the perfect environment for colonies of bacteria to grow in search of humid environments. It is not over: brushing, it seems strange but so it is, remains an essential act against Bad dog smell: make it frequent, at least once or twice a week, depending on the coat either long or short.

Bad dog smell: breath

If the fur doesn't smell but we feel the same Bad dog smell, it will be the breath. And it is not at all better or less demanding to deal with, among other things, the causes are often the same: poor nutrition and the presence of bacteria. But behind a bad breath many other problems can be hidden: a excess tartarindigestion, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, liver or kidneys, gum problems, abscesses.

Too many possible causes, better to contact a veterinarian and in the meantime, clean your teeth daily with a finger brush and toothpaste. Not the one for people: you need an ad hoc product with the right ph and ingredients selected for dogs.

If we have not already done so, we also observe the type of feeding, trying to favor dry food, banishing sweets and foods rich in sugar from the diet, perhaps replacing them with aromatic bars and sticks or with bones in buffalo skin, useful for prevent plaque. In more problematic cases, of which the Bad smell of the dog it could be a signal, the veterinarian will act by carrying out a cleaning of the mouth under general anesthesia or an incision of the inflammation.

Dog bad smell: natural remedies

A visit to the vet is required, if the Bad smell of the dog it's unbearable, but in the meantime there are some checks and natural remedies that we can put in place. The first certainly concerns the menu of our four-legged friend, essential for give him a shiny, soft and fragrant coat.

Never neglect hygienemoreover, just like for humans, if we want to perfume or at least not smell. However, those who know they are particularly sensitive to smell can get grooming wipes: for 10 euros on Amazon you can buy 100 and they are also biodegradable and natural. Containing aloe vera and vitamin E, they help to clean, refresh and soften the coat, they are also hypoallergenic, free from parabens, alcohol, chlorine and corrosive chemicals.

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