Osteoporosis: exercises and sports

Osteoporosis: exercises and sports

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Osteoporosis, skeletal disease, systemic, which leads to a reduction in bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue up to an increase in fragility. It goes without saying that those who suffer from it, more easily it can suffer fractures, especially of the hip, spine and wrist.

In addition to crossing your fingers so that this disease does not happen to us, it is possible to adopt a lifestyle that reduces the chances of incurringOsteoporosis, they concern both nutrition and physical activity. Now let's focus on the second part, having in mind that laziness is one of the two worst enemies of bones, the other is old age but age cannot be stopped below 50.

It is not new that physical education is an integral and important part of all preventive protocols for osteoporosis: movement is useful for improving general health conditions but has a particular effect when combined with others specific treatments for this disease. It can improve our quality of life and decrease the risk of fractures.

Osteoporosis and pilates

Great for many age groups, the Pilates it is also often recommended to the elderly who suffer or are at risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Of course it is necessary that these subjects carry out specific exercises, designed for their age and their problems: they cannot enroll in a pilates course any in the gym.

Exercises and ad hoc rhythms, it is necessary, for those who may have more fragile bones or less and less toned muscles as it is natural for them to progress with age. This kind of physical activity, for the third age, it would also seem to prevent incontinence and prolapse of the pelvic organs by bringing both physical and psychological benefits. But what matters today is that it reduces the risk of falls, working on balance and strengthening the stabilizer muscles.

Osteoporosis and the gym

It is not trivial to foresee theOsteoporosis, a disease that progresses silently and presents itself with its symptoms almost surprisingly, better therefore without becoming paranoid, foresee physical activities suitable to make our bones as less vulnerable as possible.

Is exactly in the prevention phase that exercises and sports have a wide range of action: correct and regular mechanical stress on the bone, in fact, protects us from many risks. The gym can be the place to carry out this preventive activity by choosing in a reasoned way courses and specialties suited to our physical shape and our age, and not just to our agenda.

If we manage to organize ourselves, we will soon notice better physical shape and we will be able to count on an efficient bone structure, the best prevention for fractures. The exercises will have to focus on in particular the lower limbs and the spine, areas most affected by osteoporosis in percentage terms.

Osteoporosis and swimming

It is not enough to move a little to prevent this disease, not all sports are equally effective. Those often recommended are running, step or aerobics, less suitable for this specific purpose would be swimming and cycling.

This is not meant to be a mandatory rule, sport must also be a pleasure, be it swimming or otherwise, otherwise it loses effectiveness. It must also be said that choosing the most recommended discipline is not enough, it is also necessary to adopt lifestyles that do not involve high consumption of alcohol and coffee. Both, along with smoking, are bad for your bones.

Osteoporosis: sport

Excluding swimming, let's see how to choose the anti sport Osteoporosis. Beware of high-impact ones that can predict exaggerated load intensity and encourage bad postures. In old age or in the presence of one poor musculature, it is essential not to exaggerate and take care in detail how we perform each single movement. Let's not abandon ourselves on the sofa, however, because one significant muscle loss, indeed contributes to osteoporosis.

The best approach is to outline a training program with an expert with adequate stresses at the bone level, without ever get to stress and strain the bone tissue. The stresses must be distributed in different ways and directions.

Osteoporosis: Workbooks

It is never too early for prevent Osteoporosis, let's at least start browsing this useful book to understand how Yoga and Pilates act against Osteoporosis.

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