Healthy and cheap foods

Healthy and cheap foods

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Healthy and cheap foods, not "or" but "and", you read that right, because it is not always true that choosing what costs the most you end up choosing healthy foods. You pay for the brand, you pay for the trends, you pay for the appetizing flavor or the ingredient is not seen from afar. IS those who do not believe that healthy and cheap foods exist, pay the price of ignorance. Getting information costs nothing, on the contrary, it even saves us money.

I am not saying to want to deny what many believe, to be against the tide, says a new study that is about to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research: those who shop often consider a food as healthy only when it costs more, and it is wrong. Or rather, it takes something for granted that it is not. Let's see why it happens and how eradicate this belief from our head.

Healthy and cheap foods: why

Because it's so hard to believe they exist Healthy and cheap foods? Very often it is a consequence of the exaggerated amount of information we receive on the foods to buy. Information and advice, opinions and experiences. You get to do the shopping full and with a tired head, so tired that you end up giving in and taking one of the many "Mental shortcuts" to simplify our life. Here then comes the "well, if it is so much, it will be healthy".

All to prove, but we end up thinking like this, in most cases without ever stopping to evaluate what could help us make an informed choice. I refer to the food label with useful information. We often let ourselves be conditioned by the amount of calories, the brand, the location in the store and make assumptions.

According to a 2013 study, published by the scientific journal Appetite, our food choices are not reasoned and based on reliable data but the result of heuristics. The one that makes us think they don't exist Healthy and cheap foods.

Healthy and cheap foods: costs

The idea that they are not there Healthy and cheap foods and that the equation healthy = expensive is valid, leads us to spend more money and a do not gain in health.

If we walk through the aisles of a supermarket convinced that "healthy equals expensive" our health can only get worse, at our expense and also, thinking big, at those of public health. Always assuming what is not true, it will be absurd people looking for healthy foods who don't find them because they look at the price to evaluate. And whoever takes them to spare, will find healthy foods without his knowledge. A paradox that only a little bit of good information can "disassemble".

Experiments have been made to state that this is what happens, let's see which ones and let's try to identify ourselves with the "guinea pigs": do we think there are healthy and cheap foods?

Healthy and cheap foods: the experiments

Faced with a "new" food product, a group of university students when they had to guess a price or a value in terms of well-being, it has always associated expensive and healthy. Similarly, if in front of a list of sandwiches, they were asked to choose the healthiest, they ended up looking at the price and indicating the highest one. Automatic, right? No! If you don't know an ingredient but you see it in the labels and you realize that it raises the price of a food, you automatically tend to think that it is particularly healthy.

It is not said but it comes automatically to think so, according to the results of the study that also proved that students in front of two bars with different prices, find it hard to believe that the cheapest is also the healthiest, before wading into what both contain.

In addition to the price, what makes us think that healthy and cheap foods are nowhere to be found, there are other factors that lead us to reason in a heuristic way. We often grab one package instead of another thinking that foods sold in thinner packages are healthier. Has this ever happened to you? Pay attention!

Healthy and cheap foods: awareness

To start over a choose consciously, based on reality and certain data and not on beliefs and on "I heard" we should be able to reset the many erroneous beliefs that affect us on a psychological level.

We can't do it alone, we need stronger action than supervision of marketing strategies in shops, for example, because shelf positioning has a lot of influence. You know the snacks in plain sight when you are in the queue at the cash desk. For a few months now, dried fruit has been in its place in my supermarket, packaged but certainly less junk food.

Also public health programs they should be aimed at "disassembling" what the heuristics suggests to us, not with wads of 100 pages to read but by taking the bull by the horns. By providing simple rules of good conduct and stating that they exist Healthy and cheap foods.

In the meantime, we can find tricks for us to slip into easy guesswork. Doing a list before going shopping and reminding us that, before filling the cart with packages, we must fill our brains with awareness, taking the time to decide what to buy. Shopping is like voting, allows us to choose our future.

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