Theine: effects and molecule

Theine: effects and molecule

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Theine, less chat than caffeine, but to be known equally in depth so as not to overdo it but also not to deprive yourself of a pleasure such as sipping a cup of tea or coffee. It acts on the nervous system and has positive effects regarding attention and concentration.It is also appreciated because it seems to favor weight loss and the elimination of liquids. This substance is by no means proven to improve performance when it comes to short physical exercises like weightlifting instead can reduce the feeling of fatigue when running, for example, by helping us improve our performance.

Theine: molecule

It was to identify the theine molecule in 1827 a scientist named Oudry, it is a alkaloid, only after a decade did his colleague manage to find evidence of similarity between this molecule and that of caffeine.

Today we associate them almost automatically but there are plenty of experts who have studied a lot to demonstrate the equivalence between their respective characteristics. We can therefore say that the Theina is a stimulant that intervenes and increases attention and concentration through stimulation of the nervous system.

Theine and caffeine

The similarity between Theine and Caffeine it is proven, we find the first in the tea, the second as we obviously think, in coffee. In the same category we also find guaranine and mateine. Only if we take excessive quantities, this substance can cause us problems or disturbances, if we remain balanced in consumption of tea and drinks that contain it, we will not feel any side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, stomach pain, palpitations, nausea and vomiting.

You can even get to one addiction to theine, identically as it happens with caffeine, and if so, let's stop, it's not something to joke about. An assumption of exaggerated amounts of Theine it can interfere with the absorption of calcium with unpleasant consequences on the bones: their thinning or osteoporosis.

Theine: effects

Let's see what happens instead if we sip our doses of tea with pleasure and measure. There Theine decreases the sense of fatigue and increases attention, keeps the mind alert, promotes the elimination of fatty acids and fat burning, diuresis and even weight loss. It helps us to eliminate liquids and increases the basal metabolic rate. If we are sports, we will also notice that he manages to increase our stamina and to make us feel less fatigue.

Theine: green tea

In all teas there is this substance but not in the same quantity as the type varies. By now there are dozens and dozens of types of tea, and herbal teas, if you like take a certain amount of Theine it is good to choose the one that suits us.

The richest is the Black, decreasing, the one that contains less is the green one, much loved also for its other interesting properties, you can also find excellent leaves online. If we are looking for Teina or we want to avoid it at all costs, we must be alert with some non-alcoholic or energy drinks that contain it in good quantities, we also find it in certain drugs.

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