Earthquake, what to do

Earthquake, what to do

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Earthquake, what to do: advice from civil protection on how to get to safety during an earthquake. How to behave at night, at school and on the upper floors.

Aearthquakeit really leaves a few moments for reflection: to decidewhat to doduring aearthquakeit is almost impossible, in those moments instinctive reactions are triggered that are not always rational.

The first advice we can give you ofIdeeGreen.itis to maintain, as far as possible, clarity and have already clear ideas about how to act.

During an earthquake, safety mostly depends on the house you live in. If it is built taking into account theanti-seismic standardsthe house should not be seriously damaged and will be able to protect you. Considering the latest earthquakes that hit Abruzzo, Lazio and the Marches, the government has allocated a bonus for the anti-seismic upgrading of the buildings. If you live in areas with a high earthquake risk, consider renovating your home following the new anti-seismic standards.

What to do to prepare for the earthquake:the civil protection councils

In case ofearthquakeit is good not to be taken by surprise. Here are some tips from civil protection on how to prepare for an earthquake. Here's what to do, right away:

  • Move away heavy furniture from beds, armchairs and sofas.
    If the earthquake strikes at night, a heavy piece of furniture next to the bed could tip over and become fatal for the sleeper.
  • Shelves, bookcases, furniture… must be fixed to the walls with closed hooks that prevent them from detaching.
  • Heavy objects placed on furniture and shelves, must be fixed with products such as millechiodi, adhesives capable of fixing them in a stable way.
  • In the kitchen, use a stopper to prevent dishes from falling off the cabinet.
  • Learn how to close the gas and water taps and the main electricity switch.
  • Learn the safest spots in the house. During an earthquake you can take shelter under a sturdy table but also under a door placed on the load-bearing wall of the house.
  • A first aid kit, equipped with a battery-powered radio and flashlight, should not be missing at home.
  • Find out about the Civil Protection Plan of the municipality of residence. If your municipality lacks a security plan, ask for one!

Earthquake at night, what to do

Anyone living in an earthquake-prone area should place a flashlight near the bed.

An earthquake could blow up the electrical panel of the house or the entire neighborhood. A powerful and battery-operated flashlight can make a difference by showing you where to put your feet! As a precaution, place a couple of tactical flashlights near the bed, not forgetting spare batteries. Don't worry, a good tactical flashlight can be bought with little money.

Earthquake at school, what to do

Teachers should demand an ad hoc plan by organizing piloted evacuation tests and plans. In this case too, organization is everything. To manage aearthquake in schoolthe same rules apply as we will see for the earthquake in the house, even if you are on the top floor of the building.

Earthquake at home:what should those who live on the upper floors do

You should never use the lift in the event of an earthquake just as you should NOT rush out on the stairs.

Stairs are the weakest part of any building. Even if you live on the top floor, before leaving the house, you must wait for the shock to end and while waiting to find a safe place in the house (under a table, under the door of a load-bearing wall, under the bed ...).

Earthquake, where to shelter

During the shock, if you are at home, you must not run away from the house because vases, tiles, rubble and other heavy material could fall during the escape.

At home, find a safe shelter: near a load-bearing wall, under a door, under a load-bearing beam, under a table pupils have to take shelter under the desk.

Avoid staying in the center of a room to avoid falling victim to chandeliers, glass, plaster and other objects.

When theearthquakeis finished, you can evaluate the state of the stairs (if you live on the upper floors) and exit outside the building.

Always wear shoes. At the end of theearthquakego to an open space, away from buildings, street lamps or street signs. Keep away from trees and electricity poles.

Avoid going out by car. You can use the car only in an emergency. For other tips, please read the page:how to act in the event of an earthquake.

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