Hairball in cats

Hairball in cats

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Hairball in cats, unpleasant but cannot be ignored, this phenomenon, since it can have serious consequences on the health of our feline roommate. The hairball in cats is a buildup of hair that is formed in the stomach of animals, when the volume becomes gradually important, it makes him cough and even vomit.

Often it almost feels like he's choking: he stretches his neck, wriggles, and then - hopefully - ejects the Furball. It may also happen that in it there are pieces of non-semi-digested food, croquettes for example, and in these cases the bolus becomes yellowish-brown. Every Hairball in cats it has its shape and size, there is no rule, it is not always round, but it is true that it is more frequent when the animal has long hair and / or lives indoors.

Hairball in cats: how it forms

Even those who do not have cats in the house know how these animals pass a disproportionate time to lick and clean the hair. So much so that there is also a term to describe this operation: "grooming". It is not vanity, it serves to eliminate dirt and parasites from the coat but this hygiene operation has side effects and one of them is the formation of a Hairball in cats. One or many.

Part of the ingested hair passes into the intestine and is deposited in the stomach, gradually forming, cleaning after cleaning, a skein. There Hairball in cats.

Hairball in cats: symptoms

To understand if u has formedn bolus in the stomach of our cat, any "attempt to vomit" should be observed and noted. It is not certain that it will succeed immediately so there may be several, even with the expulsion of only the gastric juices if Fur ball is in a bad position or too hard.

In the long run it can also cause gastritis, or go out through the feces, which will appear hard and dry, in fact cats with hairballs can suffer from chronic constipation and even intestinal blockages until they stop eating.

Hairball in cats: natural remedies

The best natural remedy is to prevent. In practice, it means brushing its coat once a day from when the cat is small, to eliminate the part of the dead hair before it ingests it. There are an infinity of combs and brushes and also comfortable and practical gloves.

If we have a long-haired cat, the commitment is twice a day. There are also some tube pastes, which we will then see better, and catnip. The latter is an excellent natural remedy for Hairball in cats but only if it works almost immediately, otherwise it risks accumulating in the cat's stomach making the situation worse. Therefore, if the cat continually eats thecatnip and continues to vomit, no more catnip and immediately go to the vet.

Paste for hairball in cats

To remove these annoying balls from the stomach and to ensure that they pass along the intestine, the pasta is perfect. The pastes, indeed, because there are various flavors so that they are not unwelcome to the palate of the cat, even the most sophisticated.

Once you understand the pasta we like, give it to him once or twice a week, even for a long period, to avoid accumulation, it should be given every day only in times of crisis. Among those on the market, this is also online malt paste with FOS suitable for cats but also for rabbits. It costs 10 euros and is very effective, it can also be added to food directly.

Hairball in cats: hairbrush

To prevent the formation of a Hairball in cats let's equip ourselves with a fantastic glove "Double face" that with its upper side can be used to clean surfaces from animal hair, whether they are cushions, dresses or entire sofas. This pet glove, acts as a brush, as a carder, eliminates hair and stimulates blood circulation in both cats and dogs, costs 10 Euros and is suitable for all types of animal hair.

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