How to choose the pillow

How to choose the pillow

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How to choose the pillow it is important, it affects our rest and our good mood. Sometimes, in fact, more than the nightmares, worries or the dinner menu, it is the pillow and the position that our body consequently assumes, to decide the quality of our sleep.

How to choose the pillow for sleeping

There are various characteristics to be evaluated to know how to choose the pillow. We begin to ask ourselves what age is who must sleep there because there are those for babies, up to 2 years, for children, up to 11, for adults, used by all under 60, and then senior, for the over 60s.

Shapes are also important to understand how to choose the pillow, and there are more of them than you imagine. To the traditional one, in fact, they are added that ergonomic, with a design that supports the spine, and special ones, numerous, each designed for the particular needs of the case.

The material, which we will discuss further on, is one of the most important aspects for both learning how to choose the pillow and to know how to produce better ones.

That of natural fibers is eco friendly, the hypoallergenic is made especially for those with allergy problems but if the problems are related to dust there is also a pillow in anti-mite material. THE thermoregulators they are very pleasant to have, guarantee transpiration and maintain an optimal temperature.

Other very specific cushions that we can find on the market are those to be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or if you snore a little too much, or if you have gastric reflux. Postural cushions are suitable for both those with circulation problems and for those suffering from back pain, those for travel, for anyone who leaves and wants to rest comfortably.

How to choose the feather pillow

If you suffer from asthma or are allergic, it is better not to choose i classic pillows stuffed with goose feathers. On the one hand it is true that they are very comfortable, but it must be taken into account that it is not easy to wash them and they can be colonized by mites. Those are more hygienic in foam rubber, to be preferred if you suffer from allergic rhinitis but not if you have neck problems because they are usually more rigid on average.

If we can't choose either feather or foam, let's move on to latex. The cushions of this material are washable and anti-mite but not too hard to bother those with neck pain. There are also water pillows, it is said that they adapt to the shape of our head, they emanate relaxing / stimulating essences. Who believes in crystal therapy you can also find cushions associated with particular stones.

How to choose the microfiber pillow

Microfiber is the most modern and comfortable solution when you are wondering How to choose the pillow. They make sure to redistribute the weights and adjust to natural curvature of the cervical region lowering where we apply pressure with the head and neck.

Even better are those with the "Memory fam”, Consisting of a gel or latex foams that make the pillow fit our head by perceiving the heat emanating from it. The pillow memorizes our shape but if we turn around, it adjusts to its new position again.

In addition to the cushions in microfiber more and more avant-garde, natural and organic ones are very fashionable, made with chaff or cereal grains, or buckwheat, which are restful and very cool in summer.

How to choose the pillow: what to avoid

We do not take a pillow too high, or too low, for what our dimensions and postures are. Both extremes can create a great sore neck and a chronic bad mood in the morning. For "standard" pillow we mean the one about one meter wide and 10 to 20 cm high but let's trust our feelings!

Another thing to avoid in learning How to choose the pillow is not to take one with a particular shape if we do not need it: orthopedic or special ones are useful for those who have actual problems but can be unwelcome to those who do not. If we have theexcellent habit of reading in bed do not take a pillow that does not allow us to take positions of avid readers: a book is not enjoyed if you are with a crooked neck.

Chosen the pillow, we also take care of the pillowcase, because the aesthetic side is important. Not only white, reconciles dreams, but also other colors to choose online among those of the rectangular pillowcases 48% cotton and 52% polyester, not even to be ironed.

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