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Allergy to cold: symptoms and natural remedies for this particular urticaria triggered by low temperatures. How to relieve cold dermatitis and itching.

Who tried to look upWikipediathe phenomenon ofallergy to coldprobably did not find anything or was redirected to the page dedicated to urticaria. No wonder: in reality thecold allergydoes not exist even though low temperatures can trigger skin reactions with symptoms analogous to those seen in allergies.

Allergy to cold

What is definedcold allergy, in fact, it is not an allergic form. This phenomenon affects about 15% of the adult population and mainly affects women.

This phenomenon presents the same symptoms of aallergic reaction but it is not provoked, as in allergies, by a response from our immune system. In short, in thecold allergy there is no production of antibodies to counteract antgenes, so it could not be called allergy, it would be more correct to call itcold dermatitisor, even better,cold urticaria.

What cold urticaria depends on

In particularly sensitive individuals, mast cells can be damaged by the cold and cause the symptoms of urticaria. Mast cells are cells found in our connective tissue, which are especially concentrated along the blood vessels. It is not clear whether cold-induced vasoconstriction can intensify this phenomenon which has symptoms similar to urticaria.

Mast cells contain material intended for secretion, in particular histamine and heparin. Mast cells react to low temperatures (as well as to high temperatures, in fact for the same reason we also speak of allergy to heat or intolerance to heat) and by damaging themselves they release histamine. Histamine is the same substance responsible for the symptoms of allergic reactions.

In allergy to heat, mast cells are damaged by high temperatures and in this case a strong vasodilation is associated and hence redness and intense itching sensation.

Do you know that histamine is the same substance responsible for the strong irritation caused by nettles? For more information, I invite you to read my article entitled "because the nettle stings“.

Cold urticaria, symptoms

L'cold allergyor cold urticaria, presents the classicssymptomsof dermatitis. That means:

  • itching on the legs, hands, arms, back or back. It is rarer on the face but frequent on the neck.
  • Appearance of redness on the limbs and, in particular, on the parts of the body mentioned above.
  • The skin can reachrise upto form real wheals.

The wheals are rounded and smooth skin reliefs, so to speak, the same reliefs you notice when youit pinchesa mosquito.

Allergy to cold, natural remedies

To defend againstcold dermatitisorcold urticaria, there are gods natural remedies very easy to adopt. Who suffers fromcold urticariait should adopt ad hoc strategies which I will briefly list.

  • Avoid frozen drinks.
    The mucous membranes of the mouth are very sensitive. Better to fill up with hot drinks and foods so as to be less sensitive to low temperatures.
  • Protect the skin
    If you suffer from cold hand dermatitis, wear gloves, similarly, if allergic attacks are concentrated in the neck, don't forget a scarf.
  • Wear multiple layers of clothing
    Use a first layer of clothing made of breathable fabrics to prevent the skin from coming into contact with fabrics that can intensify cold urticaria.

Watch out for the symptoms!
If the injuries of thecold urticariathey extend into the deeper layers of the skin, then it's not aboutcold allergyme it could be angioedema. L'cold allergyit could also be thealarm bellof other diseases such as some types of hives or food allergies. For this reason it is very important to consult a dermatologist.

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Allergy to cold

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