Tennis elbow: grandmother's remedies

Tennis elbow: grandmother's remedies

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Tennis elbow, an annoying pain that can be avoided or treated with traditional remedies, if we haven't dragged it on for days and days. THE classic grandmother's remedies who, even if she has never been a tennis player, knows how to get by. The association of this pain with tennis is due to the fact that this activity stimulates in a very accentuated way the muscles and skeletal structures, precisely those of the Tennis elbow, from which they suffer not just tennis players but also those who for duty or pleasure often repeat movements that involve this part of the body.

Tennis elbow or epicondylitis: what it is

The medical jargon the Tennis elbow it is called lateral epicondylitis and is an inflammation of the tendons that connect the muscles of the forearm to the outside of the elbow. They are those responsible for extending the wrist or fingers of the hand, if they become inflamed they hurt a lot and can also prevent us in the most banal movements.

As often happens with inflammation, the protagonist area slowly begins to become painful, in this case it starts from the tendons, sensitive when the wrist extends against an obstacle. If neglected, the pain gives Tennis elbow it also involves the forearm and becomes continuous, so much so that we are left with a hand and wrist out of order or almost.

It does not affect the elderly, indeed, above all people between 30 and 50 years old, tennis players or not, as long as they are making repetitive movements with the wrist.

Tennis elbow: grandmother's remedies

As mentioned, the famous "grandmother" of remedies is quite expert when it comes to getting rid of the inflammation of the Tennis elbow and above all in preventing it. And the first remedy for inflammation is rest, perhaps trivial, but which works 8 times out of 10 in this case, as it is a movement inflammation.

Rest means a few weeks without doing i movements involving sore muscles and tendons, not a few hours. It is uncomfortable, especially if maybe we are not tennis players and we feel limited in daily life, but the Tennis elbow chronic is rather boring and difficult to make disappear: let's play in advance!

While we rest the elbow, we can do some local applications of a cold compress for a few minutes, several times a day: it helps relieve pain and reduces inflammation.

Tennis elbow: exercises

If the Tennis elbowdespite the rest, he does not want to go, on the contrary, persists and gets worse, physiotherapy may be recommended. Then by turning to an expert we can rely on manual therapy techniques, such as massage and other manipulations, which relieve pain and act to make the joint less rigid. Always the physiotherapist he can show us the exercises by giving them as "homework" in order to reduce the waiting time for healing.

When the pain becomes unbearable, you can also ask the doctor for corticosteroid injections, but only to limit the suffering on the days when the Tennis elbow it is acute. In the long term, these infiltrations are not of much use, surgery, finally, is precisely the extreme solution that is only considered if everyone grandmother's remedies and the exercises are not successful.

Tennis elbow: brace

As soon as the pain of the Tennis elbow, let's equip ourselves with a brace that blocks inflammation. At 14 euros on Amazon we can find one also recommended by physiotherapists, as well as by the tennis players themselves, and by those who play golf, it is so comfortable and practical.

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