How a tree is cut down

How a tree is cut down

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How a tree is cut down: the technique of felling a tree. From the necessary permissions (or when to act without permission) to the instructions for cutting with the chainsaw.

In this article we will explainlike cutting down a tree in complete safety by explaining how the cutting technique is performed to obtain the angle that determines the fall of the trunk.

Before you seeas a tree is cut down, read carefully all our tips on how to use the chainsaw because forcut down a treeit will be necessary to use this tool, especially if the trunk is of considerable circumference. Be careful to follow all safety rules indicated by the manufacturer of your chainsaw as this machine could seriously injure you.

The use of the chainsaw to cut down a tree

Forcut a treeinsecuritywear protective work clothing: trousers with anti-cut padding capable of blocking the rotating movement of the chain, footwear with non-slip soles and anti-crushing toes to protect the feet, anti-cut gloves, headphones to protect against noise and glasses to protect eyesight.

Do not underestimate the use of anti-cut clothing, especially gloves! The fibers of this technical workwear have been designed forstop the chainsaw chainin case of contact. No one in the industry should trycut down a treewithout wearing anti-cut gloves and technical safety clothing.

A good pair of cut resistant gloves can be bought on Amazon at a price of 22.65 euros with free shipping. When buying, do not skimp on the price because it affects your health and, regardless of the model you choose, make sure you buy a product like the one indicated in the useful links, that is, with safety certification that can protect you from the chainsaw chain .

The product must indicate the EN 381-7 standard and the level of approval. Ditto for cut resistant trousers.

The marked trousers are approved to stop the blade at a maximum speed of approximately 75 km / h. Regardless of the model you choose, we recommend that you check that they are compliant products.

When you wantcut a tree with chainsawremember that the chain of a professional chainsaw reaches speeds of up to 70 - 80 km / h. For hobby chainsaws the speed drops to 50 km / h. Check the tool you have.

Mixture for chainsaw

More tips forcut down the tree with the chainsawin complete safety: when you refuel the chainsaw, do not smoke and do it away from heat sources! You might be interested in:how to prepare the mixture for the chainsaw.

Before starting with thetree felling, open the carburetor of thechainsawand eliminate any impurities left by the last uses. This will extend the life of your work tool.

How to cut down a tree, necessary foreplay

Before to cutthe main trunk of thetree, clean up by removing the side branches but do not cut the branches that are above your head. Into cutthe branches around the main trunk, transmit the weight of thechainsawon the branch so as not to strain the back unnecessarily.

When you want to cut down a tree, let it be aPine treeor a less important tree, choose carefully the direction of the fall.

What is needed for cut down a tree?
A chainsaw, an angle wedge and possibly a rope to direct the fall if you have doubts about your ability to to cutand prepare the angle of fall.

How a tree is cut down

On the side of the fall!

Saw the lower part of the trunk continuing from the other down. In this phase you have to “draw” (cut out) a triangle in the trunk on the side where you want to fall. Respect a 45 ° angle in relation to the log and then continue sawing parallel to the ground. The depth of the cut must correspond to 1/4 of the diameter of the log.

On the side of the cut!

On the opposite side, make a cut to trigger the fall. The cut to be made must be made 2 cm above the cut parallel to the ground on the side of the fall. Between the incision and the cut, leave a distance, this is the "rotation edge" that will break directly at the time oftree felling.

To facilitate the overturning and guide the fall of the tree, use corner wedges.

Just before the fall, when you have heard a slight crackling inside the trunk, move away quickly. Before starting thekillingput down the chainsaw. The safe distance where you can wait for thefall of the treeis at least 5 meters long.

Felling a tree without permission

The Regulations for the protection of the environment with art. 2.2 requires the request for permits to fell trees. The permit must be requested only if the tree to be felled has a main trunk with a certain diameter.

When a tree felling permit is required

A permit is required to fell trees that have a trunk circumference of at least 80 cm and with a height of at least 130 cm. Permission is required whether they are in public or private areas.

When a written communication is enough

If the trunk of the tree you want to cut down has a circumference of less than 80 cm you can proceed without permission, but you will still have to report. Before the tree is cut down, a simple written communication must be sent to the Green Office to be sent by registered letter with return receipt. In the communication it is stated that you will proceed with the felling of the tree and you will need to insert a photo that can highlight the actual circumference of the trunk with a measure measured by a tape measure.

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