Adopting a dog: tips

Adopting a dog: tips

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Adopt a dog, a decision that must be taken with conscience and never rashly. It is also good to inquire so that we can adopt with "a" dog but the dog that suits us. And what we can become the best masters for. So let's see what adopting a dog entails and how to identify our future companion in a stretch of life to be covered "on six legs".

Adopting a dog: when

May it be a dog or a cat, or even a goldfish or another pet, when we decide to make room in our house for another living being, we must think that we owe it leave space in our life too. Both as time and as energies. Therefore, the idea of ​​adopting a dog cannot be a whim or a trend.

There is nothing written but it is in effect a sort of contract that we sign with ourselves and with our friend promising to take care of him. This is true in funny and tender moments, but also when it comes to feeding and cleaning it, to repairing the small and big damage it will cause, to scold it. Is on vacation?

Adopt a dog it also means providing or taking him with us on a trip or making sure to find a decent and safe place like a dog boarding house where he can spend his holidays.

Often, when adopting a dog is an idea that passes and goes, in a few days we realize that we are not ready or that it is not the animal for us, which is why many times a pre-assignment period where you can experience the domestic partnership and see how things go. For him and for us. This moment is also important if you already have pets in the house and you want to adopt a dog to enlarge the family.

Adopting a dog: how to choose

It is not trivial to choose what kind of dog to adopt. It is one thing to see a puppy or a specimen for a walk on someone else's leash, another is to have it at your side, at home, around 24 hours a day or almost. In addition to the aesthetic side, which often reigns supreme, erroneously, we must think about our lifestyle, his size and our size, to his character and ours and to the space we can offer him for his lively hours. I recommend you read the article on How to choose a dog.

Adopt a puppy dog

In the imagination of almost all of us, when we talk about adopting a dog, we think of a puppy and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! There are gods objective advantages and equally objective drawbacks for which it is important to be prepared.

The beauty of adopt a puppy dog it is that his character is usually molded, dealing with the genetic component which, however, does not predominate over the education that we will be able to impose on him. Of course, it is by no means immediate to train a puppy, better then if it's not the first time we've hosted one, because in theory we will be more prepared and able to communicate correctly with the animal.

If we are settled on a puppy, then pay attention to his age. Puppy yes a young dog but it must by no means be too young. No dog should be separated from mum and siblings before they are 60 days old.

Adopt an adult dog

If this is the first time we choose to adopt a dog, which is an adult, i.e. of an age ranging from one year upwards. This is because we already know a priori, before saying "yes it's him", the character with which we will have to deal, also we can already get an idea and take the measures regarding braying and habits that are already almost definitive. No "surprises", almost!

It should be added that a adult dog assimilates more quickly, is on average less stubborn and better learns our habits and manias trying to adapt. It is rarer than a mature dog you mess around at home, which usually happens with puppies up to one year of age, at least.

Let's not fall into the error of thinking that adopt an adult dog it may mean receiving less affection, it is just the opposite, there will be a devotee for life. Another mistaken belief is the loss of the instinct for play which in dogs never dies out.

Adopting a dog: tips

When adopt a puppy dog, it is important to be aware that we must continue the mother's educational work and not abandon it to itself as if it were a living being already done and finished. It needs physical contact and presence, to experience and feel welcomed, accepted, even if it makes a mess. Of course, he must not command him, in the house, but let's ask him for small gradual steps so that he becomes more self-confident every day, respecting and listening to his times and reactions.

While it grows, while it settles, it must stay in contact with as many dogs and as many people as possible, must be encouraged to interact with a lot of people of different ages and shapes, including those with hats and sticks, on bikes and in wheelchairs, so that he understands that they are all people and that's it.

Adopting a dog is interesting because it stimulates us to stimulate it, stimulating ourselves with a rebound and dusting off a more authentic look at the environment that hosts us. Let's not forget to scold him, without trespassing into brutal violence but remaining firm and consistent, and once clear rules have been established, they must not change.

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