Guanabana beneficial properties

Guanabana beneficial properties

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Guanabana properties: here is all the nutritional and therapeutic information of this extraordinary exotic fruit.

Bright green, covered with many thorns, guanabana or Graviola is an exotic fruit with a thousand beneficial properties. Historical data tell that in ancient times it was cultivated by different groups of indigenous people of America, to exploit the nutritional and medicinal properties of this fruit.

On a nutritional level, in fact, we can consider it a real health elixir thanks to its high content of micronutrients; it is rich in minerals, vitamin C and antioxidants.

Guanabana property

Guanabana has been very popular since ancient times both for its culinary peculiarities and for its medicinal properties; it is recognized as a natural remedy for various ailments in alternative medicine.

Currently it is also cultivated in Europe; it is used in the preparation of desserts, smoothies and a wide variety of recipes. Not everyone knows, however, that in addition to being a delicious fruit, it has remarkable therapeutic properties capable of improving the quality of our life.

It strengthens the immune system

The high content of micronutrients present in this fruit is able to improve the response of the body's immune system. Every 100 grams of this fruit provides 20 mg of vitamin C, a substance necessary to strengthen the immune system. Its regular intake would reduce susceptibility to infections and promote the elimination of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Increase your energies

Those who often experience fatigue and have difficulty concentrating can improve these symptoms by taking one or two portions of guanabana a day. This delicious exotic fruit contains important nutrients that can recharge the body with energy. It is also an important source of complex carbon hydrates, which are needed to preserve physical and mental strength.

It is anticarcinogenic

According to the latest research, it appears that this prodigious fruit has powerful anticarcinogenic effects that could prove beneficial to both those already suffering from this disease, as well as those who might be prone to it.

Its antioxidants would be able to mitigate the harmful effects of oxidative damage and directly attack malignant cells that form tumors.

Also according to experts, its leaves would prove effective in the treatment of 12 types of cancer, including that of the colon, breast and lungs. There are also those who claim that its consumption may be better than chemotherapy, especially because it does not cause side effects and is 100% safe.

It should be emphasized that in any case, further studies are needed to determine how it works and why it could become a complement in the treatment of cancer.

All information about the benefits that Graviola would bring must be taken with a grain of salt. Graviola is not a cure but a wellbeing adjuvant, in short, an extra weapon to fight the disease. It goes without saying that our hope is that of a further medical-scientific study, with the aim of its possible medical use in anticancer therapy.

Protects the nervous system

Thanks to the high intake of B vitamins, its regular intake also has positive effects on the nervous system. These vitamins improve blood circulation and participate in various functions of the cardiovascular system. Vitamin B2 also controls the nerves and improves cognitive functions.
It also appears to be effective in improving blood circulation and protecting nerves.

Protects the bone system

Experts recommend taking this fruit for both adults and children to protect the bone system. Since it is rich in phosphorus and calcium, including it in your diet helps strengthen bones and teeth.

Improve digestive health

Those suffering from digestive problems can include this fruit in their diet. In fact, it seems to be a precious ally of digestion. Its high content of fiber and essential nutrients gives a protective effect to the bacterial flora and helps to repopulate it.

Fights the pain

According to experts, the constant intake of natural guanabana juice would ensure an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to calm common pains such as headaches, muscle tension and colic. They recommend taking it two or three times a day, accompanying it with a healthy diet and the practice of relaxation techniques.

Against hypertension

People with high blood pressure can benefit from several servings of guanabana per week. This food is able to eliminate water retention in the body, improve blood circulation and the elasticity of the arteries.

How do you eat Guanabana or Graviola?

The fruit should be eaten natural or it can be used to make juices, drinks, sorbets, sweets etc. In pharmacies and herbalists, it is available as a supplement based on Graviola or as an extract. The only recommendation is to read the label and make sure it is pure guanabana without the addition of other substances.

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