Music for meditation

Music for meditation

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Music for meditation, there are those who love them and those who consider them a distraction. In theory, they should help us relax and focus attention on ourselves, but everyone is made in their own way and is the first to know what is best for them. But let's get to know the various types of music for meditation so as to explore the opportunities and decide on their own.

Between one conscious thought and another, between a recognizable sound and a noise, there is meditation, that non-place where the mind wanders free from declared stimuli. So why the music for meditation? Because silence is never true silence, so better cover all those noises that we cannot help but perceive, with ad hoc music, studied or considered more suitable to lead our mind towards serene areas.

Music for deep meditation

Composed of too many sounds, harmful because they are secret and not always traceable to a known source, silence risks misleading us rather than inducing us to a state of concentration, corridor of the much desired deep meditation. And so it is better to choose meditation music that suits our tastes and that above all, does not force us to remain alert as soon as we hear the slightest noise.

These melodies are capable of create vibrations, we, perceiving them, resonate with them and we are able to meditate by detaching ourselves for a moment from the complicated and confused reality that we are experiencing. The music for meditation deep open the doors of a realm where thoughts in freedom can lead us where we want.

Music for Zen meditation

The best music for Zen meditation are those played by the cello, seeing is believing, with a 6 euro CD that can also be purchased on Amazon. Whether it's a cello or another instrument, the notes that make up Zen melodies favor the perception of the harmony of "what is".

Sometimes recall circumstances of the past that have left their mark, other times they unearth our unconfessed desires, still others dig into abysses of emotions that are not clear even to ourselves. The important thing is to be guided by music for Zen meditation which, already by themselves, lulling us, teach us to look after what is worth looking after.

Music for Buddhist meditation

The music for Buddhist meditation they are often found accompanied by images that evoke places and environments that are very different from those that those who meditate can frequent every day. The sight of these images alone would not have a great effect on our psycheinstead, thanks to music for meditation, it is easy to withdraw from the context and focus on ourselves and on what moves in our soul.

It is about often speechless melodies, so that we don't feel the need to translate and give meaning to what we feel. These are melodies that we cannot easily reproduce, in fact it is not the case to hum them in the shower, it is good that they remain music for meditation.

Music for Reiki meditation

There are bells, every 3 or 4 minutes, in a lot of music that is usually used in Reiki treatments. Dominate a sweet symphony accompanied by the mantras of yoga kundalini which helps us release internal tensions. We can try this video to see if it's the right music for us.

Music for meditation: Osho

In accordance with what Osho claims, we can say that if the music is the right one, it fits in with our spirit, helping us to relax, distract and forget everything we don't want to remember.
The music for meditation preferred in this case are those produced by string instruments that coordinate they manage to surround those who want to meditate with magic. These same musics are also perfect for those who love to do autogenic training, to listen to to prepare for the moment

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