Dog weaning: how to do it

Dog weaning: how to do it

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Weaning dogs, a practice that requires respect for the times and a deep sensitivity to understand how to treat puppies and their mother. Here are some informative indications that need to be integrated by a veterinary expert in the lucky case that we find ourselves in the first person to manage the dog weaning.

Dog weaning: how to do it

In general it can be said that nature takes care of determining when the puppies are ready for weaning, there is no timer that warns us and not even a schedule of a dog's growth phases. However, we can say that on average it is weaning of dogs begins around 3 weeks, when the puppies begin to show interest in their mother's food and try to put their nose and snout in their mother's bowl.

It may also happen that the mother tries to push puppies to weaning, pushing them away when they ask for her milk. If it is not yet time, but she pushes them away, we can use powdered milk if the puppies are not yet ready, or proceed to weaning dogs quickly, asking the vet for help.

When we talk about weaning dogs, in practice we mean starting to offer them soft foods, puppy type croquettes better if softened with water. In this delicate period of dietary change, it is good to pay attention and check that the puppy grows regularly, gaining weight, and that it is as active and lively as a puppy.

Better to keep a calendar for it weaning dogs where to score, without becoming obsessive, weight, notes, fundamental passages of our friend. If the puppy cries a lot, maybe it's not just tantrums, better check with the vet that he doesn't have his good reasons.

Weaning dogs with powdered milk

As mentioned, it can happen that the mother decides to start weaning dogs but it is in effect too early. The gap of days that separate us from the actual expiry of the milk addiction maternal can be covered with a good supply of powdered milk. Knowing full well that this is one of the most important stages in a dog's life, we don't have to spare any expense and get the best. You can also find excellent quality online, like this "Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk"Available in three sizes (250 gr; 500 gr; 1.5 kg)

Weaning dogs: nutrition

Nutrition is the most delicate and important part of weaning dogs and it is good to know the final goal in this regard when you begin to accustom your dog to eat as an adult. A balanced diet must contain 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and the remaining 20% ​​vegetables.

These percentages are indicative, we must not force our friend too much because in the canine world as in the human one there are "personal" tastes and preferences. There are breeds that hate vegetables, others that don't like carbohydrates, i wolfhoids they touch neither bread nor zucchini while i hunting dogs they don't have any problems whatsoever.

When we choose the dog food, as they become adults, we do not choose based on the price because often the cheap ones are full of wheat and cereals, but with very few proteins which are instead essential. When, around six weeks old, it is weaning dogs ends and we can use 100% solid food, we must continue to watch over his eating habits for at least a few weeks.

We learn to give the baby food when he is calm and seated and not to accustom him to our presence when he eats, otherwise he will always demand it, every day, for his entire life. There bowl of water it must always be left available, on the contrary that of the baby food no, only for 10-15 minutes. Let's avoid giving the dog food between meals and if he doesn't like croquettes, let's try to flavor them with a few spoonfuls of cans. We don't keep changing brands and tastes, dogs tend to get used to and appreciate the monotony at the table.

Weaning dogs: German shepherd

Thegerman shepherd he is a dog of character, a great dog but of course he must be educated so that he grows up healthy and obedient. Here's how to best grow it, first of all by knowing it well.

Dog weaning: Jack Russel

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