The Great Way: review

The Great Way: review

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The great way, to be taken by reading the book that bears this title on the cover and which turns out to be a broad and viable path. Nutrition, movement, meditation, reads the title, continuing with the promise of a "long happy, healthy and creative life". It is therefore a great way in a sense with three lanes, to be covered with your feet on the ground, step by step, carrying out daily, concrete and well-studied actions.

Let's not get lost in too many theories, because the authors of this book, Franco Berrino and Luigi Fontana, they are fortunately endowed with pragmatism as well as decidedly competent. In 346 pages, published by Mondadori in the series “How to do”, The three fields of action - nutrition, movement and meditation - are addressed to understand how we can improve our quality of life in the present and in the future.

This is because most chronic diseases originate from bad habits that we have adopted in everyday life, sometimes without even being aware of it. Often we get confused, as individuals or as a community, and we are more concerned with living long than living well. Healthy and peaceful, as well as exceeding 100 years of life.

Entering "The great way", explained in the book, we decide not to wait for institutions or the market to think about our good. You take your life in hand by addressing the three areas indicated every day with growing awareness. This results in appropriate nutritional choices, regular and measured physical exercise, sessions of cognitive training and mindfulness meditation. And then of breathing control, regular but never obsessive medical checks, love and respect for the environment, what surrounds us in both the small and the large.

All this not to earn a corner of paradise, but for slow down the aging processes, prevent most chronic diseases or facilitate their healing. We often refer to the cancer, and it is true, but it is not the only pathology we can keep away from by following The great way.

The two authors did not invent it out of the blue, in their pages they mention many cultural traditions, including ancient ones, alongside the current ones scientific knowledge, showing that everything converges in the great way. The one that is not so difficult to go, especially because it is worth it.

Behind this volume there are deep experiences lived and seen in the scientific and clinical fields, there are the stories of thousands of people who participated in the studies carried out by the two authors to provide you with a publication like this one healthy information tool.

Unfortunately today it is easy to run into distorted news and statements, spread out of ignorance or with ulterior motives that have little to do with our longevity and our health. He feels of miraculous supplements, of almost magical methods to live forever and in perfect health, like eternal teenagers, without wrinkles or aches, Long The big away you do not meet these illusions and these lies but only statements that are the result of serious scientific research.

Berrino deals with healthy and balanced nutrition, wrote the Berrino method, an interesting and practical vademecum that starts from the assumption that you must eat the right amount but also the correct foods. In the book there are many indications in this regard and with these tips it is easy to follow this method to reach the goal. For example cow's milk and cheese they are often too present in our diet, as is sugar, especially if we also consider that present in canned or packaged foods, from canned peas to rusks, from carbonated drinks to snacks.

Going along the great way it is better to eat fruit, having breakfast with muesli, and then preferring mainly vegetable foods, not industrially refined. And let's not forget to do regular physical activity, taking care of the inner well-being as well as the outer one.

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