How to shear a dog: tips

How to shear a dog: tips

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How to clip a dog it's not the first thing you ask yourself when you decide to welcome one into your home, with or without a guard. Yet it is important, not to make a good impression when you take it for a walk. Shearing a dog is essential for guarantee him a good overall health and to reduce the risk that he may be a victim of pathologies, infections and other problems related to the skin and coat. Not to mention the mere question of hygiene, of the animal itself and ours too, especially if - as I hope - we love to pamper and caress our four-legged friend.

How to shear a dog and when

DIY saves time and money but as dog owners we take into account a fixed appointment with the groomer. Every so often, every “tot” months, to be decided based on the type of hair, the season, the behavior of the dog and our ability to keep it clean.

An expert who knows how to clip a dog by profession, it helps us to eliminate tangles and dead hair and to carefully adjust the parts of the coat that are most difficult to hold tidy and clean with household tools and inexperienced hands. You can't delegate all the work to the groomer, though, unless you can afford to entrust the dog to him very frequently.

Better to learn how to shear a dog ourselves in order to arrange for it to be cleaned up regularly and if necessary. For example in view of the summer, when excess hair can annoy the dog quite a bit.

To understand how to shear a dog let's equip ourselves with shampoo, stainless steel or titanium scissors about 10 cm long, electric razor with adjustable blades, comb and brush for dogs. Let's place ourselves on a large plastic sheet, in the house, in the garage or in the garden, so as not to dirty anywhere.

Let's start with the comb and brush our friend to remove excess hair that goes away easily: the dead one. Then we wash the dog with a specific product and lukewarm water, taking care to dry it carefully, never using the hairdryer at high speeds: scared! After brushing the coat again, post-washing, we can prepare the tools to shear the dog disinfecting them thoroughly. We are ready for action.

How to clip a dog safely

Let's position ourselves in a stable way and taking care that the tool used for shear the dog both along the bust. When we move it we must absolutely follow the direction of hair growth. We don't make gestures too fast, let's proceed calmly and aiming to leave an even layer on the skin to protect it.

There total shearing is to be avoided because there is also the risk that the dog gets burned or that the skin becomes irritated. After carrying out the first shearing step, we can intervene with scissors going to "correct" errors and imperfections on the body and then move on to the shearing of the hair of the muzzle, ears and legs. Never touch the mustache, they are not subject to shearing.

How to shear a dog: tips

It is not difficult in theory to learn like shearing a dog, when you do, however, you need to proceed with patience and calm, otherwise the animal can associate stress, anxiety and fear of this trivial operation, living it badly and running away every time we have to fix it.

If, on the other hand, we are good and we manage to make him understand that it is nothing annoying and dangerous, shearing will become for him a routine appointment, with final prize, a biscuit!

During the shearing operations it can help whisper kind words in a calm tone, give him caresses and compliments. To prevent external noises from disturbing the dog, we choose a quiet area where we are sure that we will not be interrupted.

It may seem trivial to some, but I prefer to specify: let's not come up with weird hairstyle for our four-legged friend. It is not carnival and it should not become a toy on which to experiment with fashions and antics: dogs feel humiliation.

How to shear a purebred dog

There are some breeds that have “standard” cuts. I think of the Poodle like Yorkshire. We don't have to comply with these aesthetic canons dictated by tradition, the important thing is not to treat our dog as a freak. It has its dignity and shearing is a hygienic and health-related necessity, not the fashion of the moment.

If we intend to do it at home as often as possible, going to the groomer once in a while, it is better to have a machine for shearing animal hair. With 30 EUR you can also find it online, with battery and cable, small and practical.

This proposal on Amazon also works for cats, has an adjustable head and a 45-minute battery, as well as a series of accessories and brushes, combs and cleaning oil.

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