Smart home: smart home

Smart home: smart home

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Smart home, can be freely translated into "smart home”And it is a term increasingly used for a trend that is growing. That of transforming our apartments into real spaces furnished with furniture but also with technologies that communicate with each other and with us, even if we are away from home. A well-designed smart home can he change our quality of life. Decades ago, it might have sounded like a science fiction story, but today it is a reality to approach without prejudice. At least, up to the last line of this article.

Smart home: smart home

A smart home he understands our needs and tries to satisfy them, he obeys our commands whenever possible and tries to advise us on how best to manage energy and spaces. He is intelligent, no doubt about it. If we live in one smart home with our voice or gesture we can turn on the lights in the hall or the kitchen, activate the irrigation system or the one for refresh the premises before arriving, turn off the heaters when not needed.

More and more smart, the our home will come to suggest what to include in the shopping list, to clean the bathroom and to check consumption. They have been on the market for some years now numerous proposals for a smart home that suits our wishes, even to be greeted with music diffused in every room.

Smart home: comfort

As for the "comfort" side, one smart home offers numerous possibilities. It depends a lot on our tastes and the habits of the family who live in the apartment. It's possible manage televisions and systems to play music or radio, but if we are greedy or lovers of culinary art, we can invest in a smart home with talking refrigerators and hi-tech hoods.

Another possibility, not necessarily excluding the others, is to install an innovative thermostat capable of remotely control temperatures with smartphones and tablets, room by room. If this is not comfort! But not only that: by doing so you also get a considerable amount savings on your bill.

Smart home: security

Impossible not to invent something for make our home safer having innovative and intelligent technologies available. It is one of the first thoughts that those who design smart homes had. There are already on the market many "space" safety systems, consisting of a few simple but extremely effective elements.

Usually in the basic security kit of a smart home we find a control unit, two or more sensors, at least one device for activating and deactivating the alarm. Obviously this type of plants can be controlled both via the internet, from a PC, either through an app with a smartphone or tablet.

Smart home intelligent management

When you can remotely manage and have consumption control, of course you can save energy and time, and also money. Many are those who approach the smart homes attracted by the possibility of obtaining energy and economic savings also by exploiting different energy sources.

The systems available are of various types, it is good to choose them by evaluating the specific case, but in general they aim at limit waste and optimize plant performance. Intelligent management includes the advantage of being able to monitor consumption, viewing data online and in real time with simple platforms or apps for smartphones and tablets. This also means being more aware of what you spend and why, what is wasted and how to stop doing it.

Smart home advantages

The main advantages of the smart home concern the remote control of various devices, the energy and economic savings, the increase in safety. Then for each of us there can be personalized benefits that we get with the smart accessories that we decide to include in ours smart home of dreams.

Smart home in Italy

Today, only a fifth of Italians, according to Doxa data, have activated the interconnection of a "smart home device”We need time to familiarize ourselves with the concept. In the meantime, the sectors that seem to intrigue us the most are video surveillance and district heating.

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