Prune wisteria in winter and after flowering

Prune wisteria in winter and after flowering

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Prune the wisteria: all the instructions on the correct pruning of wisteria. Which branches to cut to give a neat appearance and stimulate flowering.

Wisteria pruning, preliminary tips

The purpose of the wisteria pruning is to contain the size, eliminate old, dry or broken branches and increase the production of flowers. If the wisteria has not been pruned for many years, think about giving it the desired appearance in just onepruning, it's impossible.

Awisteriavery neglected, with a messy appearance, before becoming the plant of our desires it will have to face at least two or more pruning cycles. In these circumstances, do not underestimate the idea of ​​tying the younger branches to a brace so as to give them the desired position.

The wisteriait's aplant rustic and resistant. These are deciduous climbing plants native to China, Japan and America. Chinese and Japanese wisteria require onepruningdifferent from the American who has needs of his own.

Beforeprune wisteria, try to understand what plant you have in front of you so as to dedicate specific care and pruning to it. How to tell if it is American, Chinese or Japanese wisteria? You will see it in the following paragraphs ... in any case, the most common wisteria in Italy are those of Chinese origin!

When to prune wisteria:the ideal period for pruning wisteria

Wisteria pruning is done in winter. In certain cases, apruning at the end of floweringto eliminate flowering branches that can damage the plant.

Regardless of the origins of wisteria, be it Chinese, American or Japanese, theperiodideal for thepruningfalls in the second half of February. By the first days of March all wisteria must have received the rightpruning, in Southern Italy, pruning must be finished by the end of February.

If theperiodin whichprune wisteriait does not change, the branches to be cut change. Here are which wisteria branches to cut based on the species you have in your home garden.

Prune American wisteria

American wisteria is characterized by a more contained appearance and less intrusive vegetation. It has light foliage covered with a fine bluish-white down which gives it a silky appearance.

It blooms in summer, between the months of June and July. Flowering occurs along the branches that developed that same spring, which is why it must be pruned by the end of February, so as to allow the branches that will carry the flowers to develop. Its flowers are 15/20 cm blue-violet clusters, like the leaves, these too are covered with fine down.

How to prune American wisteria? Cutting the branches of the canopy up to the second bud. You will then have to remove all weak, dry and small branches. The suckers present at the bottom must be completely eliminated.

The containment pruning, thanks to which the plant will emit new flowering branches, is performed by cutting all the branches of the crown up to the second bud. In short ... the branches will be shortened a lot. The shoots that sprout on the lower part of the plant (suckers) must be completely eliminated.

Prune Chinese and Japanese wisteria

Unlike theAmerican wisteria, the Chinese one blooms in spring. On the Japanese and Chinese wisteriaall the branches of a year must be cut. These branches must be shortened leaving the first 4-6 buds starting from the insertion on the main branch.

Here, too, suckers must be completely eliminated. If the plant is very old and weak, you can let a sucker develop in order to obtain a second trunk and, when it is sufficiently developed, completely eliminate the older trunk from which the sucker has urinated.

Prune the wisteria after flowering

On the trunk of wisteria plants there are also (less vigorous) floriferous suckers that must be cut completely in winter or pruned to 3-4 buds. In winter, these suckers should be shortened if you want a lower flowering, in fact, after flowering even these suckers must then be cut completely. With pruning after flowering, the thinnest branches of the canopy, broken or dried by the spring / summer color, must then be eliminated.

Pruning and cutting of wisteria

At the time of wisteria pruning you can take advantage to carry out the multiplication by cutting. Wisteria multiplication by cuttings is easy to do. For all the recommendations on how to do it, we refer you to the dedicated guide:wisteria cutting. Good luck!

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