Forget-me-not: clean schools operation

Forget-me-not: clean schools operation

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Forget-me-not is also the flower that peeps in the meadows these days

The Italian schools are largely unsafe, energetically inefficient, sometimes they literally fall apart. Do not forget me they seem to tell those who use them, but the state struggles to provide because it cannot or because it cannot.

So open schools, indeed construction sites, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March in Lombardy, to paint walls, plant flowers, clean up neglected spaces and organize recycling workshops. The initiative is entitled Forget-me-not - clean schools operationand is organized by Legambiente.

The first to roll up their sleeves will be children and young people who live in schools every day and are well aware of its degradation, helped by volunteer teachers and parents who will dedicate the last weekend of winter, while In the meadows the blue Forget-me-nots peep to the Forget-me-not operation - clean schools operation.

Eighty schools in Lombardy, for a total of 600 classes, which responded to the appeal of Legambiente, in some the walls will be refreshed and the spaces beautified, in others studied safe pedestrian and cycle paths to reach school on foot or by bicycle. In still others they will be built small birdhouses in the garden and will do lessons on biodiversity. There will also be parties and organic snacks.

“The school must once again be the place where beauty is produced - he claims Luca Petitto, school manager Legambiente Lombardia –. This is the message that the thousands of students, together with parents and teachers, send us on this important day of volunteering ”. The theme of the 2013 edition of Forget-me-not is 'beauty', that of school spaces obtained through redevelopment of classrooms, corridors and courtyards.

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