Blue flowers: list and photos

Blue flowers: list and photos

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Blue flowers, among the most loved and sought after, often full of meanings to discover and use and then choose the right blue flowers to give at the right time. There are of summer and perennial, of wild and more "domestic". Some are simple to grow, others require a record-breaking green thumb.

Blue flowers: list

The complete list of blue flowers it would require writing a boring and rather useless paragraph, better devote a few lines to the most significant blue flowers. Let's start fromIristhat blooms on a long stem and when it is blue it indicates royalty and wisdom, i Muscari flowers, in bunches, small and surrounded by dark green leaves, they are a symbol of power and trust.

There are also those of Lino, with their 5 petals, often used to decorate weddings and VIP dinners. Other 5-petalled blue flowers are those of the Lobelia, which they convey calm and tranquility.

The Lupine produces blue flowers, on a long stem, which inserted in the floral decorations are a symbol of fantasy. The Campanella, also known as the blue Ipomea, with its delicate petals, cannot be forgotten in the list of the best known, and then there is Veronica, small and light blue flower, which is given to promise marital fidelity, often during wedding ceremonies. Little known but blue, the statice flower, small and composed of a chalice with 5 lobes and a corolla, it is given to those in mourning and brings with it a sense of eternal beauty.

Summer blue flowers

Among the blue summer flowers we find Aquilegia, also called Columbine. Its shape is unmistakable, it has spurs that look like eagle claws - that's the reason for the name - and is a symbol of fidelity and holiness, but also of seduction and the desire to win.

Wild blue flowers

Most wildflowers, blue or not, are found in the mountains. Some are wilder than others, here they are: the Trinity grass, the Scylla, the spring Gentian and the Koch Gentian.

Perennial blue flowers

Myosotis it is a perennial or biennial flower depending on the species but it is blue and it is wonderful. It forms clusters of small flowers of different shades and is found both in gardens and in balcony pots. Of Do not forget me there are numerous species but the one with 5 petals is the easiest to meet and recognize, even for the most distracted.

These flowers are so called because of the legend that tells of a medieval knightslipping as he walked by a river with his girlfriend, he gave her a bouquet of these blue flowers telling her "Do not forget me".

Blue and blue flowers

Blue but often also blue, theHydrangea it is a very well known and appreciated flower. Perfect for decorating the garden but also the terrace, it offers clustered and very visible flowers, bubbly and resistant. They are a symbol of gratitude.

Even the blue flowers of the Delphinium, also called Larkspur, tall and suitable for flower arrangements, a symbol of joy and fun. Then there is the Hyacinth, with blue flowers in clusters, perfumed, star-shaped when they bloom, their meaning is that of sportsmanship, forgiveness and sincerity.

Blue jasmine flowers

The blue jasmine has a specific name, Plumbago. It is an evergreen, shrubby or climbing plant of the Plumbaginaceae family, often used to cover walls or dividing lattices, wooden grills. Its flowers are proposed to our gaze gathered in groups of 20 that seem spikes even 25-30 cm long.

Blue flowers: photo

More fascinating than ever, celestial flowers are often immortalized in artistic photos sent as a wish for happiness. However, if we want to photograph some flowers we have grown, we can get them online on Amazon for 17 euros a flower kit with 6 varieties of flowers, some blue, all edible.

Inside there is a selection of 6 varieties of seeds for the cultivation of edible flowers, suitable for sweet and savory dishes: cornflower, marigold, carnation, marigold patula, nasturtium and pansy with as many cultivation pots and advice for sowing and cultivation.

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