Peruvian guinea pig: characteristics, nutrition and price

Peruvian guinea pig: characteristics, nutrition and price

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Peruvian guinea pig, a pet that seems perfect for those who are obsessed with hygiene since not only does it require no vaccine, but it does not host fleas as cats and dogs do. Having said that, let's get to know him better to understand if he is the right furry friend for us.

Peruvian guinea pig: characteristics

There Peruvian guinea pig is long-haired and now it falls into the category of companion animals also because it is very easy to manage even if the name suggests a being who, coming from afar, is not used to staying in our homes, to live with our climate and our rhythms.

The hair of the Peruvian guinea pig is long by definition, if it has short it is not a Peruvian guinea pig but a guinea pig, both have a lively and cheerful character, they love to interact and play with us. If kept under an eye by an adult, they can and they manage to entertain themselves even with children aged 3 and over.

Peruvian guinea pig: price

In addition to not requiring too much care and attention, at least from a practical and medical point of view, the Peruvian guinea pig is also quite affordable in terms of prices. A specimen it can cost from 20 to 40 euros, an investment in tenderness to add to then the costs for the cage and for feeding.

Long-haired Peruvian guinea pig

The Peruvian guinea pig is longhaired by definition and comes from mountainous areas of South America. Long hair which seems an obvious thing if one counts that its origins are on tops such as over 4200 meters high. The long coat of this animal is seriously long, it can even go up to measure about ten centimeters.

Short-haired guinea pig

There are guinea pigs with short hair, they are not Peruvian but they remain adorable rodents to house. Those with short hair, also called "English", have a compact, uniform and soft coat, those with rosettes, "Abyssinians", instead they have a bristly hair that in some places opens and creates a very nice disheveled effect.

As for the hair colors, there are white guinea pigs with red, black, blue, red eyes or even more colors.

Character of the Peruvian guinea pig

The Peruvian guinea pig has a very friendly and affectionate demeanor. She is never aggressive but on the contrary shy and shy, especially towards unknown people.

Among the peculiarities of the Peruvian guinea pig are the vocalizations with a wide variety of tones that they emit in relation to their mood and the situations of the day.

Peruvian guinea pig: nutrition

What to consider when having one Peruvian guinea pig at home, to feed, is that in addition to providing her with food suitable for her energy needs, it is also necessary to allow her to consume her teeth since hers grow for life. It does this by chewing and chewing suitable foods such as some good polyphite meadow hay mixed with seed mixes and pelleted without exaggerating.

With the doses of fruits and vegetables, however, there are no limits, the important thing is not to serve them in cold or wet "bowls because it could pay for our distraction with intestinal problems and diarrhea. When we choose fruit and vegetables, the better favor those that contain vitamin C like peppers and citrus fruits, even without peeling the latter, just cut them in half.

If we want to reward or spoil our Peruvian guinea pig in moderation, let's stretch them a piece of stale bread or a biscuit but without chocolate, an inappropriate ingredient as well as milk and dairy products.

Peruvian guinea pig stinks

In addition to not stinking, Peruvian guinea pigs do not even bite and they don't make too much confusion at the decibel level. This means that every now and then they may make a small sound that sounds like a shrill cry but without becoming annoying.

The neighbors will not notice that they have them in the house next door and we ourselves will certainly not be thrown out of bed in the middle of the night by them. Can rest calmly in an 80 x 50 metal cage about cm, set up with a litter absorbent, a drop-shaped drinking bottle for water, and a nice table with 2 bowls that we can get online with about ten euros.

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