Electric water heater, consumption

Electric water heater, consumption

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Electric water heater, consumptionand savings tips. From the use of the timer to the energy class. How much does an electric water heater consume.

The electric water heater it is an appliance used to obtain hot water in the house. Its diffusion is given by the cost-effectiveness at the time of purchase: too many expenses are not needed for the systems as can happen with a boiler.

However, it is advisable to carefully choose your water heater because, as the old wise men said, saving is never gain. One electric water heater that consumes too much energy can in fact have serious repercussions on the bill by sending the savings obtained during its installation and purchase.

How many liters it must be

Attention to the energy class and the right sizing according to your needs. Approximately, a two-person household needs about 60-80 liters of water per day. The quantities increase with the increase of people in the house.

When purchasing an electric water heater, it is necessary to focus on high energy efficiency appliances that allow you to limit the consumption: the new generation models are able to consume up to 65-70% less than the old appliances did.

Consume less electricity with the electric water heater

Although the electric water heater has always been synonymous with consumption, it is possible to save money by adopting a few small tricks.

As previously mentioned, the purchase of an A + energy class appliance can come to the rescue of our pockets. But there are other tricks to save on consumption of the water heater? Yes of course.

Thermostat adjustment

One of these is definitely regulating the temperature of the thermostat in summer and winter. It would tend to be a good idea to adjust the thermostat to 60 ° C in the colder seasons and to 40 ° C in the hottest periods of the year.

Excessively high temperatures can cause the electricity bill to rise significantly and unnecessarily.

The use of a timer

Also pay attention to the ignition times which, needless to say, change according to the formation of the family unit and above all change according to one's habits.

If, for example, the use of hot water is limited or in any case concentrated at certain times, it will be reasonable to activate the boiler taking these aspects into account. In this case, in fact, it may be appropriate to provide for theinstalling a timer with which to activate the device three hours before the time of use or early in the morning, when electricity costs less.

If you use hot water continuously and at different times of the day (in the morning for washing, for lunch for washing dishes, in the afternoon and in the evening), it would be more convenient to leave the water heater on all the time.

Thewater heaterswith technologyinverterwere created to guarantee continuous activities with reduced consumption. Those who have an electric water heater with inverter technology should do without using the timer.

Water heater that consumes too much

If yourswater heaterelectric makes recordconsumptionhigh, take a look at the electrical resistance that may have lost efficiency.

Among the works ofmaintenance of the electric water heaterthere is the cleaning of the resistance. How long have you not opened the water heater to check the resistance? What?! Have you ever done it ?! Here's why yours water heater absorbs too much energy!

Thereresistance of the water heater, especially in places where water hardness is high, it is subject to frequent failures. If the resistance is broken it will meetelectricity consumptionvery high and, despite the very high thermostat temperature, it iswater heaterit may stop producing hot water. In this case it is not necessary to replace the water heater but just change the resistance.

For all instructions, please refer to the pagehow to replace the resistance of the water heater.

Monitor the consumption of the water heater

It is not easy to say with certainty how much an electric water heater consumes. Each water heater is a story in itself. Consumption depends on:

  • Energy efficiency class
  • Power consumption and model
  • State of wear of components
  • Presence of limescale on the electrical resistance
  • Technology (heat pump, hybrid systems ..)
  • Appliance capacity (how much hot water can it produce)
  • Installation position
  • Presence of faults
  • Thermostat

The only way to understand theconsumption of the electric water heaterconsists of recording them with a field test.

Nothing complicated. To find out the consumption of any electrical appliance, just insert (in the socket) an electrical adapter that works as a current meter. A decent consumption meter can be bought on Amazon at a price of 19.06 euros with shipping costs included in the price.

The device just indicated is very economical but does not allow you to accurately record the absorption of electric water heaterwhen it is in standby. If you also want to measure the consumption of the water heater in stand-by, you need a more precise meter. Among the various models on the market, the one with the best value for money can be bought with 29.99 euros and free shipping costs. For all product information:RCE PM600 precision meter, the meter is able to measure the absorption of even tenths of a watt (lamps, TV in stand by, decoder, microwave in stand by ...).

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