Natural alternatives to sugar

Natural alternatives to sugar

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Natural alternatives to sugar: here's how you can replace sugar in the kitchen. Information on synthetic sweeteners and sweeteners.

Why is sugar harmful and bad for health?

"Just a little sugar and the pill goes down" hummed sweet Mary Poppins to her little pests. Yet, if it is true that sugar helps to swallow even the most bitter morsels, it is also true that it hurts and an abuse can cause serious damage to health.

White sugar

The white sugar that arrives on our tables is the result of a long production process that involves numerous industrial transformations. Put simply, there is very little of the sugary juice extracted from the sugar beet and the white crystalline substance sold in the supermarket is just a bad copy.

Science has no doubts: sugar is bad for you. Some recent studies have shown that sugar is just as harmful as alcohol or drugs.

It has strong repercussions on the heart with the onset of heart disease; it is addictive, and is responsible for obesity and diabetes problems. Furthermore, it seems that consuming sugar in large quantities contributes to reducing the life expectancy of a human being by 20%.

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Synthetic sweeteners or sweeteners

So-called synthetic sweeteners don't fare any better. They too are enemies for our health. According to experts, artificial sweeteners alter normal metabolism, raise blood sugar and in some cases, according to the experiments carried out, lead to the development of a condition of pre-diabetes. Index pointed at aspartame and sucralose.


Although no definite news arrives and the scientific world seems clearly split in two on the issue, several studies have shown that even safe doses of aspartame cause neurobehavioral changes including lower cognitive functions, depression and irritability.

It seems that the use of aspartame leads to a reduction in the ability to orient oneself at a spatial level, also causing real memory lapses to be registered.


In addition, a study also questions the safety of another well-known sweetener, or sweetener, alternative to sugar that appears to have negative repercussions on health by altering hormone secretion, reducing good bacteria in the gut and lowering the therapeutic effect of drugs. .

It is sucralose which, like aspartame, seems to have negative effects on health and therefore is not considered a valid alternative to the use of white sugar.

Choose brown sugar

How then? Do you have to resign yourself to a life without sugar? Things are not quite like that or at least not that drastic. Replace it white sugar with brown sugar for example, it can be a first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Brown sugar is certainly more natural and consequently richer in nutritional properties.

Alternatives to sugar, natural sweeteners

Yet, without resorting to any chemical substance and any potentially dangerous industrial process, we can have our sweet moments during our days.

Have you ever thought about replacing white sugar, or even cane sugar, with honey? You may not have tried it yet but honey is definitely a natural sweetener.

Another valid alternative to sugar is maple syrup containing sucrose, potassium, B vitamins and calcium, suitable for the preparation of desserts and for sweetening drinks.

Apple syrup, grape juice, and agave juice are others natural sweeteners that you would do well to consider as well as stevia.

Less widespread is it coconut sugar, with an intense and fruity flavor with a reduced sucrose content and which contains many important nutritional substances for our body such as potassium and zinc.

Are natural sweeteners harmless?

But be careful not to believe that the use of natural sweeteners can eliminate any risk to our health. Obesity, diabetes and other ailments caused by the consumption of sugar are resolved in only one way, namely by eliminating sugar from our diet. For this reason, even natural sweeteners, although they cannot be considered harmful, must be taken sparingly and without exaggeration.

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