Milk for dog puppies

Milk for dog puppies

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Milk for dog puppies, not always good and not of all kinds. It is an issue on which there is the danger of generalizations, "because milk is always good: it is milk!". Instead, there is milk and milk and it is important to know how to behave, because some dogs can also have unpleasant ailments when they ingest cow's milk, for example. Powdered milk, which can be very good for puppies when they become fewer puppies, also does much less good and should be replaced with other foods from weaned animals.

Milk for dog puppies

The Milk for dog puppies is that of the mother, starting immediately and throughout the first month of life, this need is indisputable. Weaning begins around the fourth week: this is the time when the puppy must begin to get used to the idea that for the rest of his life he will have to feed on solid food.

The goal is to reach the autonomy of the puppy in the fifth week, when he will then be able to eat solid food on his own. Milk for puppies at that point is no longer needed, indeed, it is better that they do not take it.

Homemade puppy milk

If the puppy is orphaned, it is our job wean it and if he has not yet completed the month we have to make do with homemade milk for puppies. Today on the market we find del milk powder that can help us make up for that of the mother who we do not have available.

The fact remains that we must respect the weaning schedule already explained, progressively eliminating milk from the diet and without thinking of being able to replace it with cow's or highly digestible ones. High digestibility for us, perhaps, but not for our puppy who, not digesting it, could have severe diarrhea, even fatal.

Dog milk is bad or good

After the weaning period, breast milk or formula is not good for you at all to the dog because it requires enzymes to be digested, which are not present in his intestine. This also applies to highly digestible milk or any other special formula we can find around.

The Milk for dog puppies, to an adult dog, can cause even serious health problems, especially if administered continuously.

In the event that the our dog is allergic to beef proteins, milk is all the more prohibited and the same goes for cheese. When you also hear that puppy milk works as a universal antidote to all kinds of poisons, you shouldn't believe this myth that can lead us to act incorrectly. The only poisoning on which milk has a good effect is that of lead, in other cases it only worsens the symptoms.

Powdered dog milk

The powdered one is used when you need milk for puppies less than a month old, otherwise it is weaning time then solid food, kibble, cans or home nutrition.

Breast pump for dogs

It is mostly used when the bitch mom has excess milk or have a hysterical pregnancy, it can cost from 30 to 60 euros but it must also be known how to use it, otherwise it is better to ask your vet for advice.

Soybean Dog Milk

It is the most "digestible" one for dogs but in general, milk and all dairy products are foods not recommended because they promote intolerances and intestinal problems. If some pre-weaning puppies are having difficulty with formula, we can try Milk for dog puppies of soy but only in case of particular need.

Dog milk: cost

In pet shops as well as online we can find various brands of milk for puppies. The price of a box of powdered milk for weaning puppies dog costs from 17 to 21 euros.

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