Sowing potatoes: harvest and moon

Sowing potatoes: harvest and moon

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Sow potatoes, a rite to learn to celebrate because it is more complex than one can imagine. Arrived from America but very widespread, the potato requires attention especially during the sowing phase. If in the kitchen it is an adaptable ingredient and friend of many other more acrimonious foods, when it comes to sow potatoes, it is necessary not to improvise too much. In order not to waste neither time, nor money, nor the taste of eat them, baked, fried or in a puree.

Sow potatoes: waning or waxing moon

Often sowing potatoes it is based on the phases of the moon, but the period depends a lot on the area in which we live, as well as on the chosen crop variety. Fortunately, the weeks in which potato sowing is recommended, during the year, are numerous and generally better avoid those where heat and drought prevail.

Potato loves cool climates, it also adapts to others but if it could choose, it would ask to be sown in the Alpine, Pre-Alpine and Apennine areas.

Waning moon or waxing moon, the growing one is better, but the temperature is worth more. So if we live in the Center-North, we can leave it from February to JuneIf, on the other hand, we are in the South, we will be able to anticipate sowing potatoes in September and continue until December. Also the sea has its role, if it is near the potato field, it is best to stop sowing in February as it may be too hot.

Sow potatoes away

There are recommended distances when proceeding with sowing potatoes, I also recommend somepolyethylene planters for potatoes and vegetables also on sale on Amazon at 15.31 euros. This is the price of a package in which we find 10 x 36 liter jars in strong and durable 100% recycled polyethylene. They are an excellent alternative to standard planters, cheaper and are sized to accommodate 3 seed potatoes keeping the distances between them as recommended by experts.

Sowing potatoes and harvesting

To understand the timing of sowing potatoes and the related collection it is necessary to investigate the type to which the one we have used belongs. There are indeed the early one, that one semi-early is that late, three different categories with different intervals between sowing and harvesting.

The precocious takes about 65 days, the semi-early from 70 to 80 days and the delay beyond 90 days. To choose, we usually evaluate based on the growing season that characterizes our geographical area, if it is short we must focus on early potato, otherwise we can also choose the other two. We do this assessment not at the time of sow potatoes but at the time of their purchase.

Sow sprouted potatoes

For sow sprouted potatoes, we can use some modalities that help their growth. We take a lot of jute quite large and robust, 10 liters, and good quality soil. At this point the sowing of sprouted potatoes can begin, after making it waterproof the jute and perforated bags for water drainage.

It is also important that no water stagnation is created than they can rot theand sprouted potatoes that we have sown. The shoots on the surface should be covered with soil, while waiting for the seedlings and leaves to develop and take on an intense green color. When the leaves become wilted or dry, it's time to harvest the potatoes by turning the bag upside down.Most potatoes grow and ripen in about 60 days from burial.

Sow French potatoes

Exist now a lot of potatoes, between those that have always been known and the cultivars that have sprung up later. It is therefore necessary to evaluate which ones are best suited to our area of ​​belonging.

The All Blue, early or late seeds, have a blue skin and pulp, are great for mashed potatoes and easy to grow. The spunta potatoes are medium-early, of yellow flesh and disease resistant.

Turning to French potatoes, here is the "désirée", semi-late, which produces red or violet flowers, has a red skin and a firm, yellow flesh. It is usually used to prepare fried potatoes while "Kennebec" is better for mashed potatoes, medium-late, round and large, with light skin and white paste, very floury but with a good flavor.

Other types of potatoes that we may hear about but not French are the Agata, the Ambra, the Bintje, the Majestic, the Monalisa and the Primura.

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