Guide dog: education and cost

Guide dog: education and cost

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Guide dog, both for blind people both for those who are visually impaired, but not only. There are also guide dogs for those with epilepsy. It is about special animals and that they must be trained in a specialized way so that they can best meet the needs of their masters. Special is also the treatment from the point of view both economic and legislative. For example when it comes to taking a dog on a plane.

The "mission" of a guide dog is to ensure that the blind owner can enjoy the maximum autonomy of movement possible. Always stay a pet that 24 hours a day he is by our side with the affection and loyalty typical of any dog, even if he does not drive.

Guide dog: education

Training a guide dog is totally different fromtrain a dog which must not become. Even the "Specializations" to become dogs that collaborate with civil protection, lifeguards or who do agility are totally different and never to be confused.

When training a guide dog it takes a lot of calm to get the dog used to responding to orders and to requests without having to raise your voice or alter your behavior. It is a much more natural "dialogue". Today there are various schools forguide dog education also in Italy, the first were born at the time of the First World War, first in Germany and France, then in England, Switzerland and gradually in the rest of Europe.

Guide dog: cost

There are various associations that are involved in raising funds for theeducation of guide dogs, the Lyons is one of them. This because to raise and train a dog for the blind costs about 20,000 euros. It is important to invest in this activity because the animal will then be alongside the blind person at any time of the day and must therefore establish a very close relationship with her.

Guide dog: deduction

In Italy there is a tax law that provides for concessions for the purchase and the maintenance of guide dogs for the assistance of the blind. There is first of all one deduction from personal income tax of 19% of the costs incurred for the purchase of the dog, provided only once in a four-year period, unless the dog is lost and applies to one animal only.

The second facility is the lump sum deduction of 516.46 euros for the expenses incurred for the maintenance of the guide dog and it is not necessary, to obtain it, to document the actual expenditure.

Guide dog for the blind and visually impaired

A guide dog for the blind and partially sighted he is usually trained so that he can react to at least thirty commands. It is also important that you learn a recognize obstacles and to react accordingly, to go straight or turn right and left, to signal or circumvent obstacles that are on the ground or to the side.

A guide dog must also recognize pedestrian crossings, stairs, doors, ticket offices, free seats and public transport.

Guide dog for epileptics

The guide dog for epileptics is usually a Labrador or a Golden Retriever and has another function than those we have mentioned so far. A person suffering from epileptic attacks does not need a dog to guide him in the paths but an animal that picks up the warning signs of an attack and warns him in order to avoid or reduce risk situations.

For example, with abundant and persistent abnormal licking. To this guide dogs for epileptics are trained.

Guide dog: Labrador

The Labrador Retriever it is certainly one of the most popular dogs in this capacity. It is suitable because it has a peaceful, attentive, courageous character and does not lack a sense of direction. IS? a cheerful dog but at the same time not too lively or aggressive, which is essential because otherwise it would become difficult to manage. The size of the Labrador is also perfect for being a good guide because if it were small in size or too tall it would be unmanageable.

Even among Labradors, preference can be made regarding sex: females are better guide dogs of males but in both cases sterilization is often used

National Guide Dog Day

There National Guide Dog Day is celebrated on 16 October of each year. It is the celebration of many dogs, all of them good dogs and that lend themselves to driving the blind. In addition to the Labrador we also find in this category i Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds and Scottish Shepherds. It is also the day of all guide dog trainers and those who offer financial help so that this "figure" does not disappear.

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