Grass allergy: period, symptoms and remedies

Grass allergy: period, symptoms and remedies

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Grass allergy, a bugbear for many of us, which in a certain season makes us suffer. It is actually one of the most common forms of allergy related to presence of pollen in the air. To get an idea of ​​the impact that thegrass allergy has on the population, even if only Italian, just think that about 15% of those suffering from allergic rhinitis have severe symptoms, pollen-induced asthma has an incidence of around 5-12%.

Grass allergy: period

The period in which the symptoms of this emerge allergy almost everyone knows him because between those who are personally involved and those who have allergic friends and relatives. In the spring the problems begin, in the weeks in which the wind begins to raise real clouds of pollen in the air. Much also depends on the area where we live and on the plants that grow around us, but the air puts the pollen in circulation and it is difficult to escape thegrass allergy.

Grass allergy: symptoms

In the period of flowering of plants, those who suffer from this allergy often experience the typical symptoms of nasal congestion and hypersecretion, runny and often itchy nose, as can itchy eyes, for example. L'grass allergy it can also drive us crazy between sneezing and coughing, with watery, red and inflamed eyes.

The symptoms are not all concentrated on the face, there are in fact also more general effects. In spring, if we suffer from this allergy, we feel exhausted and tired, drowsiness can also occur.

Then there is also the cross-reactivity phenomenon, occurs when antibodies induce an immune reaction in front of an allergen that comes from another species, that is, not from a grass.

Grass allergy: natural remedies

The best natural remedies are those precautions which allow us to at least partially avoid coming into close contact with grasses. For example let's start at go out early in the morning or in the evening and to avoid trips to the countryside or parks.

When thegrass has recently been cut, better stay away from lawns. By car, we do not keep the windows open and we limit stops in the open air. A real shame, in spring, when the world wakes up and wants to get some air, really, but i symptoms of grass allergy they can really be annoying.

If these measures are not sufficient to make the situation bearable, we can contact a doctor to have us prescribe an adequate antihistamine therapy.

Grass allergy: foods to avoid

In addition to running away from the pollen that hovers in the air, in spring, to try not to suffer too much from the grass allergy, it is also necessary to take a look at what we have on our plate. There are in fact some ingredients to banish from the diet or to try not to eat too frequently. For example the wildflower honey, better if we can't do without it, that of chestnut or strawberry tree.

We also avoid fruits like melon, watermelon, orange and citrus fruits, kiwi, peach, apricot, cherry, plum, apple, and vegetables such as tomato, potato and eggplant. Among dried fruit, the least friendly of allergy sufferers are peanuts and almonds. There are also people who experience problems when they eat wheat and cereals and their derivatives such as bread, pasta, but it is not that rare.

Grass allergy in children

In children thegrass allergy it also occurs in intermediate ages and it is important to contact a doctor to identify it in order to immediately implement the advice and possibly the treatments that are needed. It is not pleasant but with a little perseverance and attention, it is nothing dramatic. You play less outdoors, but you also learn how not to get nervous when spring arrives which, in addition to the grass allergy, also brings many beautiful things.

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